What are the benefits of E-commerce website in 2021?

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What are the benefits of E-commerce website in 2021?

E-commerce is one of the few industries that is on a steady rise. With the Covid pandemic affecting businesses and industries all across the globe in 2020, Ecommerce in Donegal is one of the few industries that have seen a significant growth. Many retailers and ‘brick and mortar’ businesses have ramped up their online presence and improved their online running processes.

Ecommerce is one of the industries that is evolving fast, and post-pandemic will definitely be booming. According to several business analysts, in the coming years, E-commerce in Donegal will be one of the few sectors that benefitted from the Covid pandemic.

Every business is a bit different than the other, however, no matter what type of business you have, online presence with a tailored website is essential. Let’s look into some of the different types of businesses that can easily benefit by having an E-commerce website in 2021.

  • Consumer to Consumer

Consumer to consumer business is in which two consumers interact with each other. The entire consumer to consumer interaction from product display to transaction can be supported by online payment portals such as PayPal and online card payments.

  • Consumer to business

In consumer to business, consumer offers their products to companies. Individual consumers use their skills or expertise to offer a service or product to different companies. There are many online platforms where companies can find people offering their service or product. Consumers also have their own portfolio website where they can sell their skills online.

  • Business to business

Business to business or B2B is a transaction that takes place between two companies. With more and more big businesses searching online for their desired product or service, this is the right time for small companies to have an online store to boost up their sales and capitalize the closure of physical stores by many brands due to lockdown and resulting poor sales.

  • Business to consumer

Business to consumer is an everyday business done between consumers and e-commerce companies. It is one of the business models that have tasted huge success during the pandemic. Ecommerce in Donegal is on a boom, and businesses having this business model should capitalize it.

  • Business to government agencies

In this businesses model, government agencies do online transactions with local businesses. Big government agencies are considered as one of the lucrative customers who have the capacity to purchase expensive products such as security software, fuel, medical services etc.

The benefits of Ecommerce website to organization

E-commerce has significant benefits for organization. Following are some of them;

Online sales

Online sales are perhaps one of the significant benefits of ecommerce website to organization. Online reach enables the organizations to sell their products to consumers that reside far away. With an Ecommerce website, you can sell your product to anyone in the world.

Cheaper mode of advertising

Having an e-commerce website in the form of an app or web is a cheaper mode of advertising for many companies. With the right mix of digital marketing and traditional techniques, one can easily have a cost-effective website to push their business ahead. This could significantly benefit the organization in the long run.

Cost effective

You can quickly build your website using online platforms or take professional help by one of the leading web designers in Donegal. Website can help you collaborate with different brands and companies. This enables you to promote your brand and make your online presence reach new limits.

The benefits of Ecommerce website to consumers

Businesses are not the only one who benefit from the Ecommerce websites. Following are some of the significant benefits from the consumer perspective.

Wide range of products

Wide range of products are available to the buyer all under one roof. With just a click of a button, the end user can buy what they desire no matter if the product is coming from a different country and was not available nearby you.


Nothing can beat the convenience of buying things from the comfort of your sofa. Gone are the days when you had to navigate through traffic and stand in long lines to purchase what you are after. With just a click, the product is at your doorstep

Adequate information

When you are purchasing something online, you have the ability to read reviews and other information about that product quite easily. This gives the user to research about their product better before buying. All this is quite limited when purchasing something in the store. This gives the Ecommerce websites a significant edge over physical stores.

Trends in E-commerce Donegal

The following trends are what have been seen in 2020 and are expected to come in 2021.

Brick-and-Mortar Down by 14% and Ecommerce Up 18%

Ecommerce in Ireland is expected to see a significant growth of 18% especially due to the shutdown of brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers have seen a decline of around 14% already. Buying things online from the comfort of your home have now become the new normal. In 2021, if you have a business without a website, you are definitely losing quite a lot of potential sales.

Change in buying behaviour

Gone are the days when people preferred going to the actual stores to purchase something. Pre-pandemic, customers preferred getting out of their home, going to a store, seeing the thing in person and then purchasing it. But with the shorter delivery times and the comfort of receiving the product without leaving the home is the ‘new normal’ now when it comes to shopping.

Emerging markets will play a significant role

When we talk about emerging players, we mean countries like China, Ireland, Pakistan and Brazil who never had much online presence before. Ecommerce in Donegal has already seen a prominent growth in its number. More and more Irish businesses have gone online and have made their impact globally. Ireland being an emerging player allows new start-ups and small businesses to capitalize the online demand by launching their Ecommerce website.


Looking at the current and projected trend, the benefits of having an Ecommerce website in 2021 are significant. Ecommerce in Donegal is on a rise and if you are based in Donegal or anywhere in Ireland, now is the right time to have your website setup and launched.

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