Meet the Team

Aidan Spence

Fun Fact: I once went on a hike to Everest Basecamp with Mithil and the team.

Eilis Spence

Fun Fact: Once we got Married, Aidan made me do his books.

Mr. Waffles

Office Dog
Fun Fact: Aaroooo rooo rooo roooo roooo

Gina Turrano

Web Designer
Fun Fact: Can't sleep with a ticking clock or a repeated sound.
Nilay Web tech

Nilay Shah

Senior Developer
Fun Fact: I don't like coding.

Venzar Navas

Web Designer
Fun Fact: I'm not Fat, I am Bold.

Mithil Chauhan

Senior Developer

Donna Son

Executive Assistant
Fun Fact: Purchased Book, read the first chapter only.

Vitaly Bieliakov

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