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Being a top Ecommerce SEO agency in Donegal, we know exactly how to get your products visible on search engines

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Ecommerce SEO is an online marketing technique similar to standard SEO practises however, Ecommerce websites present their own set of challenges to online businesses.

Our Ecommerce website strategy include basic principles of SEO, as well as strategically placed products, optimized category pages and duplicate content checks.

Thus, our SEO services include more than just a few title adjustments and alternations. We carry out extensive research, dig deep into our audience profiles, interpret customer search patterns and many more!

Our findings are implemented at every stage thus ensuring that we make informed decisions rather than just simple running around on guesses and assumptions like your competitors.

What Do We Do for Ecommerce SEO?

Monthly Calls & Reporting

Spence Digital Agency will be reporting to you on a monthly basis to go through our progress on your project. This also ensures that our SEO strategy stays in line with your business requirements and needs.

Product Optimization

We can do your product optimization by increasing the number of interested visitors to your website. This directly results in the increase of potential leads and customers for your company.

Rankings & Analytics Dashboard

Being one of the leading Ecommerce design agencies in Donegal, we have experience to focus on appropriate phrases and keywords. This not only optimizes your website but also helps you create relevant traffic and leads.

SEO Research

Our specialized team of digital marketers in Donegal provide SEO research for every campaign, competitor research and keywork integration to ensure that the best opportunities are not missed when it comes to SEO research.

SEO Strategy

At Spence Digital Agency, we optimize your website by focussing only on appropriate and highly searched keywords and phrases to create website content that will generate relevant leads and traffic only.

Strategic Content Writing

We will create custom SEO friendly content that is based on chosen phrases and keywords. This enables us to create a range of strategies to ensure that they will succeed in search results.

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