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The Rise of Influencer Swindlers: How to Protect from Business from Influencer Fraud

If you are keen to try out, say, a new “miracle” cream that is touted to give you back 20 years of youth, or a…

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Google Analytics 4: You need to make the switch before July 1st 2023, Here’s What you need to know!

Google has just recently announced a major upgrade to its analysis tool. This means better methods at creating marketing reports and evaluating user interactions.  …

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Digital Marketing for 2023: Best Practices to Expand your Business

The digital marketing arena is a dynamic landscape. The only thing guaranteed is change.   At Spence Digital Agency, we equate change with growth and…

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The Changes in Buyer’s Journey You Need to Look Out For, and 5 Tips to Keep Up

Technology is ever-evolving. This is evident how the software buyer’s journey changed through the years. The market is saturated with software vendors equipped with the…

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