Google Reschedules Page Experience Algorithm Update to Mid of this Year

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It was initially planned to get the Core Web Vitals to convert into the ranking signal by the mid of June. This project was a part of the Page Experience algorithm update, but Google has changed its plans and is now pushing back its launch.

In the beginning, Google planned to launch the Page Experience algorithm update by May, so that it can give about a month to the users to get prepared for the update.

Google page experience update & Core Web Vitals as a Ranking Factor delayed

Google will start launching the Page Experience algorithm update by the mid of June, but it is also mentioned that in terms of the search ranking, the algorithm will begin to play its full role until the end of August.

To find out if there are any issues or expected errors present in the algorithm, a gradual rollout of the algorithm was decided. This was one of the reasons behind the decision of the gradual rollout of the algorithm.

Another point to keep in mind is that the users must not expect a drastic change or changes after the update is launched. Since page experience is not the only thing taken into consideration but one of the many things that are contemplated when the web pages are being ranked.

To find out further about the latest information, the resources that are present at the end of the article must be checked out. As a whole, the Page Experience update will remain the same, since it is related to the search result.

The use of the non-AMP content will be increased after the new update is launched. This will be a part of Google News and will expand to and mobile applications. Other things that will be done by Google will be getting rid of the AMP badges so that it can indicate the presence of the AMP content.

New page experience report

In the Google Search Console, a new Page Experience report is present. The best feature of this report is the combination of the Core Web Vitals report with certain signals that are mentioned below:

  • Mobile usability: There must be no mobile usability errors present in the URL if a Good status is required.
  • Security issues: If there is an error or security issue present in any of the URL, then disqualification of all URLs will be conducted.
  • HTTPS usage: To be qualified for a Good page experience status, the page must be supplied over the HTTPS.
  • Ad Experience: Advertising techniques that are interrupting or distracting must not be used since it causes hurdles in the way of a good user experience. If there is a site that is flagged, since it is giving a bad ad experience, it must be kept in mind that it will be considered that all the site’s pages are giving a bad ad experience.

The percentage of the URL will be measured by the Page Experience report on the website to find out if the website is giving a good experience or not. It will be evaluated based on the factors that were mentioned above.

To gain additional insights on the various methods with the help of which the site can be improved, the site owner can also dig into the components of page experience.

The ability to filter the pages that have a good page experience is also included in the Search Performance report’s update in the Search console. This will help in keeping track of the pages that have a good experience versus the page that provides a bad experience to the users.




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