8 on-site SEO problems that can hurt your E-commerce store traffic and rankings

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One common misconception for online businesses is that they tend to think that the search engine will start rolling if they simply display the right products on their E-commerce website. Unfortunately, right products without proper SEO will fail to generate traffic.

Certain on-site SEO problems needs to be addressed as they are and can significantly affect your online store performance, ranking and traffic.

Lack of product description

The majority of online stores make mistake of not adding a product description to their listing. By not adding the product description, you are automatically minimizing your chance of ranking in the top 10 search engine queries, even in the low-frequency queries.

Pictures are no doubt essential for your E-commerce store. But the pictures will only be impactful as long as someone comes to your page. By adding product descriptions that are SEO optimized, your page can rank better on search engines and generate sales.

Missing Alt Tags

Alt tags are often overlooked thinking that what difference will a small textual description make to your image. Alt tags help the search engines categorize your images. By failing to insert alt tags, you are automatically making it harder for search engines to rank you better when someone searches for that product.

According to a survey, 45% of the sites that have images that have not to be alt tagged using the proper keywords and description. Images missing alt tags can be a dead-end for search engines and users that significantly lowers the site’s traffic.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content according to Google is the substantive blocks of content within or across domains that are appreciable similar or completely identical.

Plagiarized content is heavily frowned upon by Google. According to a research, duplicate content is one of the most common issues affecting websites globally as plagiarized content fails to rank better on search engines no matter how good they are SEO optimized.

Internal and External Broken Links

Broken links can be a potential danger to SEO and website traffic. Yes, we understand that as your website expands and grows, there can be some missing links, which isn’t a big issue. However, if these broken links count up to 10 or more, then it can cause havoc and lead to an onsite SEO problem.

A 404-page error leads to a traffic dropdown. Such errors also dramatically affect the website’s credibility. Broken links also adversely affect your crawl budget as the search engine bots are unable to crawl your website better due to missing internal links.

Not optimizing product pages based on Search Demand

When improving your website’s SEO, keep in mind of the demand and search queries for the keywords that you are trying to target. Make sure that your targeting keywords are part of the title pages, headlines and product descriptions.

It is also important to ensure that your product pages have the search demand keywords sprinkled all over the content and not just only the body of the content. This will help you better rank in search engines and also enables you to sell more products.

Non-unique titles

Search engines use page titles to determine the content for each webpage. The title tag appears on the top of the search listings. These title tags are what the reader read on the search engines read before they click your website.

Title tags are considered to be one of the best most important SEO elements on your page. Getting the title tags right can see a significant increase in your page traffic. Though creating a unique title tag every time might be challenging, but the impact on your traffic is worth it.

Lack of Product Reviews

Product reviews are important. They help the buyer decide whether your product was appreciated by the previous buyers are not. No matter how well your product is, if for some reason, the reviews are not good. Your product will have a hard time selling.

Product reviews also help your website and product rank better on Google. Reviews help generate feedback and improve customer relations. Therefore, make sure that your customers post reviews on your website when they purchase something.


It doesn’t matter if you have a single SEO issue or multiple. You should try to solve them all as the right SEO can make a significant difference on your website. Google thrives for the best user experience and if your website is properly SEO optimized then there are high chances that you will rank better.

If you are unsure from where to start and how to resolve your SEO issues, consider having experts do this job for you. At Aidan Spence, we specialize in SEO optimization and helping E-commerce stores grow. If you want to attract customers, generate revenue and streamline your business process, contact us today!




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