Local SEO and its importance

Local SEO is an important aspect in ranking your website higher in local search. Local SERPs is crucial to ensure that locals in your area get to know and hear about you when they search something related to your business.

When you are looking for a specific service, you will type something like this in your search engine;

  • Web designer near me
  • Coffee shops near me
  • Marketing consultant near me


This might get you thinking, why is local SEO so relevant when it comes to your business? Following are some insights to help you better understand why SEO optimizing your website on local keywords is important regardless of the business.


Local SEO helps rank your website better on Google

When a customer searches for some service or product online, they are usually looking for something nearer to them. To rank better locally, it is important that your content is locally optimized to boost your local rank. By redirecting your SEO efforts to local keywords, you will benefit from specific geological audience along with nationwide audience.


Local citations will do wonders for your business visibility and local ranking

An excellent way to leverage your local visibility is to create local citations. Online citations includes company name, contact details, complete address and so on. These citations on websites like Yelp or Foursquare dramatically boost website traffic.


Local search is the new way of shopping

Local SEO contributes to a significant increase in local rank. 2021 has seen a steady rise in people performing local search on their search engine before visiting the store. Surveys have shown that 50% of people who performed a local search on their mobile phone visited the store the very next day. This shows the importance of local SEO optimization. If your website rank better nationally only, customers might not be able to visit your shop as your SEO optimization was not location specific.


Local SEO will help you stand out amongst local competitions

One of the main benefits with local SEO is creating content that is specific to your geological area. For example, if you create landing pages tailored to your city with enough relevant keywords, your website will automatically improve its position locally.


Online searches can turn into leads

Data shows that most of the times a potential customer visits a physical store, they perform local search on their phones or computers. Therefore, a large amount of traffic will go to the websites that rank better on top of the SERPs. Making sure that your website is optimized for local SEO can leverage your business and make it more attractive to online users searching for a similar service or product. This will automatically lead to more sales for your company.


In summary, it is evident that tailoring your content with a strong and planned local SEO strategy is necessary to put you in front of your customer eyes. Local SEO is as important for small businesses as it is for big companies. To help you reach your online potential with well targeted keywords, please contact us today.




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