Optimise your website with free SEO tools online

When you are starting a new website or blog, budget is usually limited. And a free SEO tool that will increase your ranking and traffic can come in handy.


There are many free SEO tools available online that optimize web content by checking backlinks, keywords and more. These tools help determine the most researched keywords related to your topic and help your website climb the rankings.


With so many online free SEO tools, one can become overwhelmed when determining which tool is better for their use. Some of the tools are complete junk while some are so complicated that it makes them harder to use.


Aidan Spence has put in efforts to save you the hassle and has figured out 5 SEO tools that are free of charge and user-friendly.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most valuable source of data for online marketers and website owners. They provide detailed information on webpage visits and website traffic flow on any Google-dominated locations which is technically most of the world. Google Analytics thus acts as a free and open to all SEO tool for anyone owning a web domain.



Mozbar is apparently the easiest to use SEO tool on this list. Mozbar can be added as an icon on your browser toolbar. All you have to do is to visit your site and click the icon in the browser. This will find the SEO details for the page that you are on. This helps the website owners to keep track of their SEO performance and tailor their SEO strategy accordingly.


Google Search console

This is a simplified version of Google Analytics. The google search console has a dashboard that website owners and website marketers can use to keep a track of their website performance. The dashboard on Google Search Console enables quick insights in about performance of your webpage.



Kwebby has different tools that can help you achieve your SEO goals. It can assist you to access various aspects of your web page that will help you rank better and higher. Kwebby uses built in SEO tools like keyword position checker, article rewriters, keyword density checker and meta tag analyser. All these built-in tools make Kwebby an excellent SEO tool.


SEO Workers Analysis tool

This tool helps website owners and online marketers to generate reports quickly. By plugging this tool in your site, a highly efficient and detailed report can be generated within seconds. The generated report can assist in figuring out SEO trends on your website by enabling you to see which keywords are generating more traffic.


In conclusions

Free SEO tools are an extremely useful tool for website owners and online marketers especially when they are starting a new website. The results generated by these free tools helps your website run and rank better. It also gives you an insight how your website is performing.


Feel free to use the above SEO tools for your site. If you are looking for a professional advice on SEO and how to rank your website, contact us today!





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