6 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters & How Amazon Would Lose €1.6 Billion If It Slowed Down

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The time taken for a website to load is shorter than you think. Data shows that on average, it takes less than 2 seconds for most of the websites to load!

Websites with long loading times can significantly impact your traffic. Loading time plays a significant difference in your website. But why is the website speed so important and what difference a fraction of a second may make on your site?

1. Website speed is your first impression

Your site must have a good first impression. The reader/customer coming to your website makes an instant judgment about the site and the associated business based on its speed. A website that loads fast guarantees a strong first impression.

Fast websites are automatically considered to be reliable and professional. For the viewers, speed is directly related to confidence, trust and efficiency. According to a survey, websites having good loading speeds in Ireland automatically gained more traffic as compared to their slow-loading competitors.

2. Visitors expect speed!

With access to fast internet everywhere, the users need the information fast. When the users are on the move, they tend to be less patient and need all their answers now! A website loading longer even by some seconds is good enough to put off quite a lot of users.

According to Aidan Spence, one of the leading Donegal Web Design consultants, no matter how good a web site is visually, the website must be optimized for speed.

In an era, where we are on the internet expecting quick results, let it be on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, a slow loading website is guaranteed to put visitors off.

3. Lower the speed, lower the conversions

If a website having 10,000 visits every month if slowed by 4 seconds could lose 4,000 potential customers. Lower conversions will have a direct effect on sales. Imagine this happening to Amazon. Tests conducted by Amazon showed that if their website is slowed by even a single second, they would end up losing $1.6 billion each year!

It is also worth noting that the above is being said about an established, highly recognizable company. If customers are not willing to wait an extra second on giants like Amazon, what chance have budding businesses got?

4. User experience is the key
Having designed websites for several clients in Ireland and beyond, I think the UX design and user experience are some of the ways that sets a website apart from its competitors.
The user experience for the website visitors are based on two primary factors;

• Provide the visitors what they are looking for
• Provide it fast!

That is why the speed of your website is crucial when it comes to user experience. People visiting your website for something when not getting it fast becomes frustrated. This completely spoils the user experience and loses visitors.

5. Your Google rank suffers
Google is on a mission to make the whole web faster. They strive to make sure that the internet is easily assessable, super speedy and useful. When ranking different websites, Google considers the loading speeds significantly. Many other factors account for better ranking on google, and load speed is one of the important ones.

Statements from Google suggests that the number of crawlers sent by Google to your site is significantly lowered if the server is slower than two seconds. This means that on a loading website, Google is less likely to pick up the latest updates on your website. Several Donegal Web Design services including Aidan Spence ensures that your website is regularly crawled, and the loading times are minimal are lesser.

6. The long-term effect of slow loading speed
So far, we have established that slow loading speed has a direct impact on the number of visitors. Slower the speeds, lower the number of visitors. Nearly half of the potential customers are lost when the speed of your site is slow. The long loading times eventually stunts your natural growth and word-of-mouth audience reach.

Due to poor experience, customers stop referring your services to others. Slow websites are also at times linked to a lack of credibility. This may also hurt the business in the long run.

Speed matters. That is why it is important to have your Irish websites designed using renowned web design services in Ireland. The loading times of your website directly affects your sales and conversions, search rankings, user experience and more!

Aidan Spence is renowned all over Ireland as one of the leading web design consultants to help you achieve your online potential. The websites designed by him are guaranteed to have shorter loading times and a promising increase in daily traffic.

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Manus O'Boyle
Manus O'Boyle
Aidan designed and set up the website for our start up business and it worked flawlessly from the very beginning. We gained a lot of sales through the site due to it being so easy to navigate and the site having all the info needed for our customers. Very easy to work with and he stuck to the timeline from start to finish. 10/10
Conor Holmes
Conor Holmes
I couldn't recommend Aidan and his team highly enough. Their professionalism and flexibility means we get a sevice that is second to none. Our two websites consistently evolve bringing enhanced customer experiences to our clients and growing sales to us year on year. Nothing is ever too much to ask of them and nothing is ever beyond them and we'd know a lot about that - we've had several unusual, bespoke requirements that are specific to our business. We highly recommend.
Danny Gallagher
Danny Gallagher
We had Aidan and his team do some work on our website some time ago ,very professional and helpful and we would definitely recommend their services .
Ravin Mehta
Ravin Mehta
Aidan is such a professional expert, a real joy to work with. His expertise is unsurpassed the website he created is just amazing and his self help tutorials are so helpful. Real quick turnaround. If you need a website this is the only place you need to go ignore the rest go to the best AIDAN SPENCE
seema mehta
seema mehta
My accountant recommended me tonaaidan as I was looking for an E Commerce website, he delivered more than I ever expected my website looks so professional and I have had many customers who have praised how easy it is to navigate through. Feel free to see for yourself www.indulgenceskinclinic.ie Besides this Aidan has so much patience with regards to website back office my husband and I had no idea but Aidan created self help videos for us to change content and add and subtract our beauty products. Without Aidan’s expertise I can guarantee we would be struggling and our website would not of been WOW! It was a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him. Anyone needing a website you cannot ignore AIDAN SPENCE!!! - An asset to Letterkenny
Marie Porter
Marie Porter
Highly recommend Aidan and his team, very professional, very efficient nothing is ever to much trouble and lovely staff to deal with!
Rhonda Laird
Rhonda Laird
I have worked with Aidan on numerous projects over the past number of years. Aidan has designed all of our company websites. The attention to detail is second to none. The after care and support he provides is fantastic; always a quick turnaround and hassle free. Looking forward to working with Aidan on future projects. We would highly recommend Spence Digital Agency for any web design and digital marketing projects. 5 stars from Donegal Rapeseed Oil, The Fencing People and Farm Relief.
John Francis Mc Connell
John Francis Mc Connell
Aidan and Spence media worked with us on our cashorcar draw and everything went without a hitch. We would definitely recommend.! John McConnell Chairperson CLG Ard an Ratha
Mary Devine
Mary Devine
An excellent company with professional staff who were outstanding in the service they provided to us. Aidan designed our website and helped us get on Fb. We are delighted with our website and Aidan’s commitment to each stage of its development and continued support.
Vinny Pyper
Vinny Pyper
I reached out to Aidan as I wanted to develop a new website for my online coaching business. From our first call, I knew I chose the right person to head the project. I am extremely satisfied with the end result. Both him and his team have been great to deal with throughout the process. Their expertise, dedication, and personalised approach is second to none. The whole thing felt so easy and stress free for me, I will definitely continue to work with them on other future projects. I highly recommend working with Aidan for all your Website, Branding or D-Marketing needs. His teams commitment, knowledge, and passion for what they do make them an exceptional agency.



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