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If you are in the loop, you might have heard the news: Universal Analytics will be obsolete come July 1, 2023. Don’t get us wrong, Universal Analytics was a great platform, a decade ago. Now it’s struggling to keep up with changes like cookies, mobile browsing, and privacy settings. It’s finally time to level up.


Google Analytics 4 is not heavily reliant on cookies and makes use of event-based data models to deliver user-centric measurement works. Plus, it works across platforms.


You need to hurry, though, as UA historical data will not be transferred over to GA4. The good news is it’s easy enough to switch from UA to GA4. You should have GA4 set up and running on the double, though.That is if you still want to have YoY data by 2023 and have continuous measures of your digital marketing efforts.


GA4 is top-notch innovation for website tracking. Despite the name Google Analytics, it is not an updated version of the current GA. GA4 is a wholly separate and distinct platform. This innovative platform is a gateway to the future of digital marketing evolution. This is truly an example of artificial intelligence at its finest. We’ll use AI learning to elevate the online experience. Machine learning will lead us to discover breakthroughs that will leverage innovation and drive business growth.


Spence Digital Agency is a trendsetter when it comes to marketing technology – we are Donegal’s best after all. Here are the three major factors that we think drive this change:


  1. Customer-centric Measurement – With multiple ways of identifying customers, GA4 gives a more comprehensive view of users during their purchase habits on multiple linked devices.
  2. Privacy – Brands have better control over how they collect, process and store user’s data as they switch over to GA4.
  1. Cookie-less Tracking – GA4 doesn’t rely on cookie-based tracking. This platform is designed to adapt to a future that is no longer dependent on cookies for interaction.


According to Russell Ketchum, Group Product Manager, Google Analytics they have “reorganized all of the reports that had been in the App + Web beta, added a handful of additions, and now it’s organized around the customer lifecycle”.


All new Google Analytics account now default to GA4


If you still want to make a Universal Analytics (UA) account, just tick on the Advanced options. However, they’ll let you know that it’s no longer the recommended option.



Take on Website & App Tracking with just one single platform



GA4 allows you to track your website and mobile apps in one platform. This makes cross-device and cross-platform tracking such a breeze!



Automated Event Tracking


Other engagements such as video engagement, site search or file downloads, are now automatically tracked:



Shift focus from sessions and pageviews to users and audiences


User acquisition and Traffic acquisition are new features in the GA4 that comes with two reports:

  • User acquisition
  • Traffic acquisition


With these features, insights into your users and audiences are the new focal point. It’s now easier to discover what makes them unique, what connections there are between different traffic sources and campaigns and which devices they use. This information will help you to formulate a data-based marketing plan. Data collected will aid you in coming with the best data-based marketing plan for your enterprise.



A more efficient Search Bar


With machine learning and AI, The search bar now provides you the best answers to your queries, in real time. As you can see below, Google recognised the question and presented the best suggestions to match the inquiry.




Efficient conversions set up


In the new version of Google Analytics, setting up new conversion means checking a box for any event that should be a conversion. At the same time, you’re no longer limited to the 20 goals/view and events can have multiple event parameters and user properties, for more advanced customisations.



The current version of Google Analytics (GA4) makes setting up conversions easier. All you have to do is check the box for the event that should be converted. Additionally, there is no longer a 20 goals/view limit. You have options to use advanced customizations like user properties and multiple event parameters.



New and improved integration with Google Ads


When you set up an account with GA4 you automatically get two audiences: Users and Purchasers. You can be as specific as you want for custom audiences, for example: “Car dealership clients” from “Donegal” that have completed a “contact form” but “haven’t purchased”, in the last 60 days. If it’s linked to GA4, freshly created audiences are now available in Google Ads by default.



Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis Tools


Create stunning and robust visuals of important business data with the new template gallery:



The wide array of predefined templates gives you freedom to manage your business however you want. In the past, the Analysis Hub was only available to GA360 users, the paid version of Google Analytics. Now, it is readily offered in the present version of GA4.


Interestingly, the User Explorer report enables you to access individual user journeys, actions they’ve made on your site, and the paths that lead to conversion. It also lets you remove individual users from the repret, just in case it’s needed for GDPR.



Is now a good time Set Up GA4?


Of course! As per Google’s advice, set up your GA4 account right now to sync it with your current Analytics profile. If you’re clueless, or need a little help, Spence Digital Agency can guide you step by step.


You would want to start your data gathering as soon as possible. That way, when Google finally makes the shift to GA4 only, you’re on your merry way to jumpstart with great insights for smart marketing decisions.


What’s more, there lots of GA4 benefits that you can use to its full advantage:


  • It adapts to the needs of your business. GA4 is made to be durable, future-proof, and can work with or without cookies or identities. The existing Universal analytics will most likely get less if not zero updates in the future.
  • With machine learning and AI tech, you are at an advantage to make wiser decisions for your enterprise.
  • Understanding customer journeys will be the focal point on GA4. This gives you a better opportunity to track and interpret customer journeys across linked devices.


Are you ready to jump into the future?


Spence Digital Agency, Donegal’s top marketing agency, is ready to help you make the transition. If you’re ready to make the jump into the future of web tracking and analytics, hit us up. We are with you every step of the way.


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Shaun Mcclenaghan
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Sarah Xo
Aiden is truly the best in the business when it comes to creating websites. Not only does he have a knack for designing visually stunning websites, but he is also an incredible mentor and always willing to offer his expertise and guidance. Aiden has been a tremendous help in getting my website up and running, and I can't thank him enough for his support. I highly recommend Aiden for anyone looking to create a top-notch website and receive excellent mentorship along the way. Thank you, Aiden, for being the best in the business!
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Slim R Us
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Yvonne McCarron
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Vincent Finnegan
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kathleen harkin
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Dermot Gallagher
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Blaithin Gildea
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Caroline Shovelin
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Anna O'Donnell
I highly recommend as when I was tasked with updating our website and no spare time to do it, Spence Digital agency stepped in and made it really easy.. they have a good project plan approach to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.



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