Oldies but Goodies: Rediscover Email Marketing to Amp up your Black Friday Sales

The beauty of technology is it’s constantly evolving. And Digital Marketing is no different. It’s endless array of tools and platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, as well as video and blog contents, and PPC ads, continue to keep the audience tickled.


Admittedly, Tiktok and Meta are leading the online marketing scene, what with their catchy banners and over-flowing pages, it’s a smorgasbord of entertainment and tech innovation. However, there is a reason why classics are timeless and enduring… they simply work!


Email marketing has been existing ever since the dawn of modern technology; there’s no sign of it ever being obsolete. And for good reason: a pound you spend on a single email marketing has the potential to make you £42 in revenue.


And because it’s a classic, it has stood the test of time. It’s virtually immune to all the downsides of fast-tech: algorithm tweaks, organic visibility and moves towards more interactive content. It’s basically indestructible.


Emails are oldies but goodies. Email marketing is continuously expanding and is estimated to reach 4.3 billion users by the year 2023.


And what better way to test this out than by using email marketing to rack up the profit over the Black Friday Frenzy?


We, at Spence Digital Agency, are inthe holiday mood of gift-giving. Below are your best bets to top the Black Friday sales. Donegal’s best digital agency will spill out these top email tips as our gift to you. Here we go!


1. Expand your email


Fun Fact: Email subscribers are more like to spend than non-subscribers. That’s a 138% margin.


So if your not leveraging your marketing game with emails, you are missing out – BIG TIME. So make growing your audience your top priority. Remember: the more you have, the more potential sales you could make.


In our most recent Black Friday Blog, Black Friday Rush: Top the Race with these 10 Ecommerce Tips, we talked about how to initiate and maintain customer loyalty by encouraging them to sign-up for exclusive offers through email. You can use trusty email newsletters to keep your clientele updated and a quick way to transform them into loyal patrons.


Keep the good stuff front and center. Signup forms, buttons, and marketing collateral should be visible to customers to grow your email list.


Maximize your online real estate to advertise by adding a signup button to the header and footer of your website, in the check-out process, and the signature of your company’s emails.


2. Organize your email list ahead of Black Friday


Nothing beats an organized plan. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand newsletter subscribers or close to a million. Make sure to send in exclusive offers to active subscribers that interact with your company.


We all like efficiency. After all, 10,000 highly engaged subscribers can get you farther than 100,000 subscribers who let their emails go to the bin without opening them.


So, while it might seem contrary to growing your audience, cleaning out your newsletter list of people who hadn’t bothered to open your emails ios your path to success.


Your email clean-up drive hits two birds with one stone: you can stop reaching out to people who aren’t interestedwhile significantly streamlining your email deliverability rates. It saves them the space, you save up on time, money and effort.


3. Pop-ups are


Pop-up ads were seen as unappealing and most companies wanted nothing to do with them. Most eCommerce companies hated and blocked them.


That is, until recent. Now companies are seeing the big potential of pop-up ads.


Did you know that the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09% and some can go as high as 50.2%.


Simply put, for every 100 visitors to your website, you could be seeing between three and 50 new email subscribers.


So, we’ve convinced you of the power of the trusty pop-up, so what’s the best way to use pop-ups?


Now that you’ve seen how mighty the sneaky little pop-up can be, your next question is, “How can I use it to my advantage?”


Easy. Just use pop-ups boxes that encourage users to sign up for your email list with an offer to good to miss.


That offer could be as simple as “15% off your first order” or “exclusive early access to our Black Friday sales”.


Exit pop-ups are also an unsung hero in digital marketing.


It’s a reasonably straightforward idea; when someone is hovering over the big X button or indicating they’re about to leave your website, a pop-up appears, encouraging them to sign up for your email list.


4. Learn from last year’s Black Friday


You can prepare for the future by learning from your past.


Past campaigns give you rich insight of what you can do to improve current and future endeavors.


Black Friday email campaigns from 2021, 2020 and 2019, can give you stunning data to compare and contrast, and spot any easter eggs worth pursuing for Black Friday 2022.


Specifically, evaluate last year’s analytics to discover unique subject lines with the best execution, as well as CTA buttons that converted the most.


Find what email designs and lengths best captured your audience in the past years.


Now that you’re stocked up on past knowledge, you can polish your 2022 Black Friday email campaign.


5. Perform competitor


Save your time and effort for those that truly matter. This also applies to your competitors.

However, there’s no shame in seeing what your most successful competitors are getting right and sneaking it into your arsenal.


Having said that, there is nothing wrong with being aware alert. Seek out yout most successful competitors,


Keep in mind the type of content that works for them and what CTAs they’ve used.


Keep track of the frequency of their newsletter: the times and days, the type of discounts enclosed, and the like.


6. Quality Always


All forms of content, whether it be blogs, videos, infographics, tutorials, etc., is can make or break your Black Friday email campaign’s success.


Regardless of the choice you make for your emails, the honest path is the way to go. Keep your marketing strategies realistic and truthful. Keep your deals and discount announcements simple and easy to understand. And be explicit with offers that come with a particular spend amount.


Make all your offers exciting for new customers; a 1% off a £100 spend isn’t going to set the pulse racing as much as a 25% off discount that includes free shipping.


Of course, pump up the excitement with hard to pass deals like, free shipping, add-on deals, discounts, etc.


7. Send emails in


You might have 10,000 email list subscribers, and you can bet every single one of those is a unique person at a different stage of their life.


You’re email list is made up of several unique individuals with varying tastes, interest, age, and the like. It’s what makes life so exciting!


That is why you need email segmentation. Tweak your messaging to different subscribers based off on our priorities.


You can segment based on age, gender, and location.


This ensures that the emails you send are relevant emails to your audience.


Other segmentation ideas might be for VIP customers, where you send them early access to promotions. Additionally, reward loyal customers with amazing deals and discounts only for them.


Another way to use segmentation is by promoting deals to VIP customers, exclusive club members, and other exciting offers. Browse abandonment emails are also a good way to remind customers to check out their carts.


SMS opt-ins are also a good avenue to announce early promotion access.


8. Automate


The beauty of email automation is that it works for you day and night and lets you focus on other parts of the business.


The best about automated emails is that it’s foolproof as long as there is an internet connection. Giving you time to refocus your energy on other aspects of your business.


Get this going by getting a welcome cart email workflow that offers incentives that are hard to miss. Include discount codes, free shipping incentives, early access to sales, etc. to keep it enticing.


Don’t forget your Cart Abandonment email workflow as well. Give them a soft nudge to finally check out that overflowing cart.


Get customers’ attention with rewards like Free P&P, coupon codes, early access to new products, etc.


As a marketing pillar in Donegal, trust us, we know email marketing like the back of our hands. Spence Digital Agency as been pioneering in innovation for a decade now.


If your looking for fool-proof ways to make your Black Friday campain a success, reach us by clicking the yellow chat button at the bottom right corner of this page. Better yet, send us an email: [email protected] or give us a call: +353 (0)74 989 0121.






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