Black Friday Rush: Top the Race with these 10 Ecommerce Tips

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Nothing says “Christmas season starts now!” then your good old Black Friday sales. Everyone’s rushing to score the best deals, and Donegal’s Black Friday is no exception. You get this sense of competition on who gets the sweetest deal at the end of the day. Who could pass up that top-of-the-line flat-screen TV at 50% off?

With the world steadily recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, there is a good chance this year’s Christmas sales will fare better than the past season. Consumers are slowly easing up on their spending habits. So this year’s going to be busy…

And that’s great news for everyone, especially for ecommerce entrepreneurs. The Christmas traffic on the road equals to online traffic for your ecommerce business.


Better yet, Spence Digital Agency offers the best ecommerce marketing solutions to cater to your specific needs. Whether you are based in Donegal, Ireland, or anywhere in the world, our top-notch services will bring you the busiest Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) you’ve ever seen.


To start you off, we have come up with an easy-to-follow 10-Point Ecommerce Checklist to put you ahead of the Black Friday rush.


Your 10-Point Masterplan to ace Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022



1. Liven up your online store with live chat features


Let’s face it, most shoppers like asking questions, and they like answers pronto. That is why you need a chat option for your online store.


Beef up on customer service through live chats. This makes it easier for clients to ask about:

  • Deals and promotions
  • Product specifications
  • General questions and inquiries


Plus, consumers are more likely to interact with a website that has live chat. They feel

more comfortable making a purchase when they can make inquiries and receive answers in real time.


With Black Friday coming in, you need live chat services to up your conversion rates. Most Christmas shoppers are stressed and in a hurry. Providing live chats is one way for you to ease their doubts about your products. This builds trust, and trust brings in business.

Nothing beats efficient customer service!



2. Refocus your audience


You are more likely to make sales from repeat customers.


Black Friday is a good avenue to re-engage with past site visitors and customers. Give them something to keep coming back.


There are several e-commerce marketing strategies to retarget your audience. You can tap onto social media, as well as make use of Google Display Network, Search, and Shopping. Take it a notch higher, and reel them in with products they’ve previously viewed or purchased and couple it with new and exciting discounts.


Offering newsletter subscriptions is also an efficient way to keep in touch with consumers. Send them updates on new products, sale alerts, and exclusive deals to subscribers.


Take advantage of social media’s wide scope by posting teasers in the days leading to Black Friday. You get to announce sweet deals all while maintaining a following in your social media platform. A broader audience can lead to better traffic for your ecommerce website.



3. Respond to emails fast


It’s 2022, everything is fast-paced now, including email.


With almost everyone glued onto their mobile gadgets, it is easy to expect that everything should be instant, including email responses. Customers are more likely to revisit a site when their email queries receive an immediate response. Get this, immediate being in ten minutes or less.


And for this, you’ll need reliable tools running behind the scenes.


Our group of marketing experts at Spence Digital Agency can take care of that for you. We can install a priority system to route messages to designated support agents. Urgent messages are attended to right away so they don’t turn into lost sales.



4. Maximize your online real estate to advertise


When it comes to ecommerce, you have total control over how you run it. Take charge of how you showcase adverts on your site.


Don’t assume that big bold ad campaigns will scare away customers. Go all out, it’s Black Friday after all! This is your chance to put obvious ads to catch their eyes.


A heavy-handed ad campaign at the top of your website will set the mood for your Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales. Use this to tickle your audience’s excitement.



5. Keep your inventory in check


A well-maintained business needs a well-maintained inventory.


Prepping your inventory for Black Friday is a surefire way to maximize sales, no one wants to run out of stock on the busiest sale of the year. Make smart inventory decisions by narrowing down your sales over the past 6 months by category and style. This keeps track of what sells, therefore, what to stock on.


Spence Digital Agency has an efficient system to keep track of this data. Our systems can save you time and worry. No more over or understocking.



6. Make your FAQs comprehensive


Black Friday is gonna be busy. So will be your customer support and marketing team, if not much more.


To streamline your operations, your FAQ section should be as comprehensive as possible. Keep it:

  • Easily seen
  • Easily accessible
  • Organized
  • Foolproof


The FAQ on your website should serve as a one-stop section that covers anything from

product specifications, sales and deals, availability, up to refund and return policy.



7. Put a premium on customer loyalty


Repeat customers are your best bet at raking in sales.


Word of mouth can do wonders… or spell disaster. So, take care of your customers and transform them into loyal patrons. Employ a rewards system to keep them coming for more. This also serves as a marketing strategy to allow your customers to earn points to spend on their next purchase, as well as recruit would-be customers.


Get them hooked on special discounts and exclusive offers they can’t refuse. Better yet, bank on the sense of exclusivity your reward system offers. Send in Black Friday deals to VIP customers in advance. This early bird access is sure to attract more customers who want in on this exclusivity. A win-win situation, if you ask us.



8. Ride the influencer trend


Be in and hip by being updated with the latest trends. And right now, influencer marketing is all the rage.


Social media is all over, and so are social media influencers, making this marketing strategy very effective for ecommerce. Find a social media influencer that speaks to your brand and shares your target audience.



9. Optimize your page and keep a backup plan


Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are going to be hectic so you don’t want your website to lag, or worse, crash.


You can rely on Spence Digital Agency to take care of your marketing and website maintenance needs. We can take care of SEO optimization, website launches and backups, design systems for inventories, customer service, advertising, and many more.


With our team of experts, you are in good hands.



10.It’s not just about great sales, it’s about growing with your customers


Admittedly, Black Friday can be your biggest moneymaker of the year. But don’t let the momentum slip, and bank on your best asset, your patrons.


Take Black Friday sales as an opportunity to grow your audience. The increased traffic should be your avenue to increase your ecommerce marketing strategies. Employ newsletter offers and reach as many potential customers as possible. Offer early-bird and VIP perks… no one can resist sweet deals.



Are you ready for your best Black Friday yet?


Donegal’s Best Digital Marketing Agency is always ready to formulate a solution for your success.


Give us a call and we’ll make your time worthwhile. 


Call us.




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Shaun Mcclenaghan
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Sarah Xo
Aiden is truly the best in the business when it comes to creating websites. Not only does he have a knack for designing visually stunning websites, but he is also an incredible mentor and always willing to offer his expertise and guidance. Aiden has been a tremendous help in getting my website up and running, and I can't thank him enough for his support. I highly recommend Aiden for anyone looking to create a top-notch website and receive excellent mentorship along the way. Thank you, Aiden, for being the best in the business!
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Slim R Us
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Yvonne McCarron
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Vincent Finnegan
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kathleen harkin
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Dermot Gallagher
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Blaithin Gildea
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Caroline Shovelin
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Anna O'Donnell
I highly recommend as when I was tasked with updating our website and no spare time to do it, Spence Digital agency stepped in and made it really easy.. they have a good project plan approach to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.



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