The Changes in Buyer’s Journey You Need to Look Out For, and 5 Tips to Keep Up

Technology is ever-evolving. This is evident how the software buyer’s journey changed through the years.

The market is saturated with software vendors equipped with the latest innovation and eager to make their sales. The array of options to choose from makes present software buyers akin to B2C consumers.

Which ultimately means the seller’s journey is going to have to shift, too.

So, let’s talk about how the software buyer’s journey has changed – and how you can use this to your advantage. Spence Digital Agency is ready to provide you with the best marketing strategies, whether you are in Donegal, or anywhere else in the world.

Turn over your new year with a great marketing strategy that is sure to make your 2023. Ready. Set. Go!


Match Your Marketing Strategies to Your Buyer’s Journey



1. Establish trust with your stakeholders


In the past years, the self-service approach has become more popular. For many sales reps, it can feel like this breakdown of trust between sales and prospects has accelerated over time. With buyers becoming more acute when it comes to spending costs versus visible results, now, more than ever, is the time to build more trust with your buyers.

Good thing we’ve come up with solutions to make sure your sales team earn, build and propagate trust with your buyers for 2023.

Build trust with these easy steps:

  1. Be a consultant to your buyers. Show your knowledge of the product. Help them identify their needs and strengths to narrow down on the best choice.
  2. Entice your prospects with success stories you helped achieve. Nothing beats a good success story that your clients can relate to. Show them how you can share your expertise to help them achieve the same results, if not better.
  3. Speak your prospect’s language. If your prospect is in marketing, you’ll want to take marketing courses so you can talk to them about what they’re doing in their roles — which can help build trust and demonstrate your expertise. Knowledge is power so make sure to have plenty of it. Build trust by studying your prospective client’s niche.



2. Strengthen customer trust with awesome reviews


2022 is all about reviews, 2023 won’t be any different. Most buyers look to reviews to determine whether or not they’ll make the purchase. Again, it circles back to building trust, in a consumer’s mind, good reviews equal trustworthiness.

If you are a small and upcoming enterprise, however, building a good repertoire of reviews can be an uphill battle. Spence marketing strategy experts advise the following:

  1. Clients who’ve already provided NPS are more receptive to give feedback. Ask them to leave reviews.
  2. Make use of an = in-app review strategy that allows your clients to leave a review before they log out.
  3. Time is of the essence so make sure to ask for customer feedback at least a month or two after implementation.
  4. Include requests for reviews in your newsletters or via social media.

Make sure to have a healthy balance of positive and constructive reviews. This makes your website appear more genuine.

Treat negative feedback as a basis for improvement. Never stop growing and improving.


3. Hone your expertise


Knowledge is power, and in this industry you need both to be successful.

One of the many ways to earn a prospect’s trust is by demonstrating your knowledge of the subject matter. Which is why it’s important for you to become a true expert in the field.

This means investing in your team. Build a roster of experts by encouraging every member to take varied marketing courses.

Then use all this new knowledge to good use.

Marketing strategy sessions like talking through all the ways a product can fit into a broader marketing strategy allows for a more in-depth discussion. This way, the team can find the best solutions for the client, without having to go through the usual trial-and-error phase.



4. Bring your A-game in the implementation process


The quality of the implementation process is one of the key factors that determine whether a client will renew your products/services. It speaks volumes about the quality of the product itself.

Constant discovery sessions are helpful in identifying weak spots in your implementation process. Spence Digital Agency, Donegal’s best in the business, can  help you find the biggest roadblocks, as well as potential improvements.

You might also make use of reviews from past satisfied clients. Reviews are indispensable in this way. Prospects can learn a thing or two about successful marketing strategies and their implementation process from peers. This is a very effective way of using reviews to your advantage.

Build a mutual success plan and gain agreement with your prospects. Take the time to chat with them, and have walk-throughs of both parties’ responsibilities. This builds rapport, and trust and sets the proper expectations.



5. Follow a solutions-focused approach and own your brand


It is vital that your company be an entity of its own, distinguishable from the rest. The first four tips were building up to this, formulating a fool-proof approach on marketing strategies for you and your clients.


The answer? Solutions-focused approach.


Do away with the usual transaction-based interaction with clients. Spence Digital is ready to come up with the best solutions-focused approach that is custom-fit to each client.


He envisions a future in which sales reps have built social followings and demonstrated their expertise in a given industry so they’re seen as thought leaders, rather than just sellers. That way, when it comes time for a prospect to make a purchase, he or she will trust the seller to have a pulse on what’s happening and work to find a solution to the prospect’s problem — even if it’s not directly tied to their products or services.


Marketing strategy experts are no longer just transactional beings that offer robotic and automatic solutions. The future of marketing requires an expert that goes beyond the superficial – he should be able to know what’s happening and anticipate possible problems all while already thinking of solutions long before they arise.


At the end of the day, these tips can only take you so far. The year 2023 is a year of surprises and challenges. And we say, “Bring it on!” Start your year right by partnering with an agency with over a decade of experience in marketing strategy and other related services. Spence Digital Agency can guide you through your journey.


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