Digital Marketing for 2023: Best Practices to Expand your Business

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The digital marketing arena is a dynamic landscape. The only thing guaranteed is change.


At Spence Digital Agency, we equate change with growth and improvement. Despite the uncertainties presented in the past years, we are here to arm you with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed in this competitive landscape.


And with such tight competition, how do you intend to adapt?


The answer: A solid game plan that is made to accommodate the constant market shift.


With agency professionals predicting even more changes for the upcoming year, now’s the perfect time to get on the right track.


1.  Transcend the Competition With Must-Have Automation


Being unique has its perks. Make your agency stand out by using automated marketing tools. It’s a good investment to streamline your workflow.


Artificial Intelligence has been one of the key factors in making automation successful. It has been helping a lot of top players in the digital marketing industry to flourish in the business. It will continue to boom in the coming years.


And although AI may seem complicated and often misunderstood, it;s actually quite simple. It’s basically an umbrella term used to refer to a collection of specific but related technology that aim to simulate human proficiency.


Read more on AI and other best practices: Digital Marketing Trends to Set You Up For Success In 2023.



2. Refresh your Digital Marketing Strategy: Update your SEO


Once upon a time, being the top rank on Google search was all the rage. And that was it.


Right now, SEO has evolved to be so much more than just optimizing your site to rank on Google. This time, Search Engine Optimization has become more refined and efficient.


Digital marketing experts are exploring more channels in their SEO strategy, including a variety of search engines like Bing. Ang while it’s good to widen your horizon, it is even better to be specific. Optimizing content specific for social media platforms is also becoming the norm.


All these new practices bring better chances of success for digital marketers handling small and mid-sized enterprises.


With SEO’s constant evolution, how about incorporating some of the tips below to boost your digital marketing strategy:

  • Test out new search terms.
  • Have SEO for different search engines.
  • Make unique contents depending on the channel it will be used for.
  • Always evaluate results to discover new best practices.


If you want pointers on what SEO strategies worked in the past, read: GET, SET, GO: Local SEO Trends Of 2022 That YOU Need To Know



3. Be a Thought Leader


When other players in the industry look to you for insights, you know you’re up to something great.


Being a thought leader is challenging, especially if you want to stay ahead. No worries, Spence Digital, Donegal’s best digital marketing agency, is ready to help out.


Major players in the industry put a premium on brand authority when partnering up with a digital marketing agency, and for good reason. Your agency’s credibility is measured on the quality of thought leadership you can provide.


  1. Find your niche and be an expert.
  2. Read customer reviews and insights. Use the data you gathered as  base point to improve your marketing approach.
  3. Be a thought leader and dominate your niche by sharing your expert insights through unique contents promoted online.
  4. Make use of tools that centralize your inbound customer communications. This allows you to understand how clients respond to your content along the customer journey.


If you’re keen to find out more about customer journey, check out: The Changes in Buyer’s Journey You Need to Look Out For, and 5 Tips to Keep Up



4. How To Prepare Your Business For The Shift To Google Analytics 4


For a formal introduction, read: Explore GA4: Advanced Web Tracking & Analytics


Say goodbye to Universal Analytics. As UA becomes obsolete, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be a mainstay for digital marketing experts.


As GA4 is somehow still novel, it is expected that marketing agencies will have an adjustment period before fully-diving in.


Taking the switch means changes in how digital marketing data will be processed and presented in the future. Here’s what we recommend to best take advantage of this technology:


  1. While it is still available, have UA and GA4 run at the same time to allow data flow into both systems. This way, you get acclimated and have a smoother transition into GA4 when the time comes to fully switch.
  2. Have a tracking pixel set up for GA4 to bank up on historical data before UA tanks.



5. Turn Customers into Patrons


A great user experience can spell the difference between a one-time customer and loyal client. Providing the best user experience for the consumer can increase customer lifetime value for your enterprise.


Turn seasonal customers into patrons with these awesome perks:

  • Loyalty and referral discounts.
  • Early-bird promos


Most customers are on the lookout for the best deals during times of economic uncertainty, so make sure to show how much they mean to you and your business by offering them the best deals.


When it comes to ads, trust the classic: Oldies but Goodies: Rediscover Email Marketing…



6. Leave Cookies in the Past


Third-party tracking will soon be a thing of the past. Move forward and learn how to advertise without the cookies.


Instead, make use of “first-party data”. Collect data from ad performances and market research. Additionally, look into teaming up with large publishers that host large data based on content consumption. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing these tools to improve your data base.


How To Strike Gold With Google Ads can teach you a thing or two about better advertising.



8. Acquire, Keep and Build Your Clients


You got your client. Great. Now, how do you keep them and get more?


The answer lies in the data. Without it, it will be hard to gauge the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.


Keep tabs on progress, accountability (yours and the client’s), ROI, acquisition costs, and all other things related in the hub dub of running an online business by investing in marketing analytic tools. Use this to store vital data and establish strong campaign strategies.


If you’d like to know more about boosting small businesses and making them big, All Geared Up: Google My Business is Now Google Business Profile is great read.


2023 is all about making it big. Hone up your digital marketing strategy with Donegal’s best.


Browse through our site, see what you like, and give us a call. We’d love to help.






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