Google Analytics 4: You need to make the switch before July 1st 2023, Here’s What you need to know!

Google Analytics 4: The Best Digital Marketing Tool to Get for 2023

Google has just recently announced a major upgrade to its analysis tool. This means better methods at creating marketing reports and evaluating user interactions.


And like most changes, adapting to it can pose quite a challenge. That is why Donegal-based Digital Marketing firm, Spence Digital Agency, has condensed all you have to know about GA4 in this article.


Let us guide you through all the innovative ways to improve your marketing strategies and enhance your operations. Let’s explore the following:



  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Defined
  • Setting Up Google Analytics 4
  • GA3 (Universal Analytics) vs Google Analytics 4
  • Experience Great Content With GA4



Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Defined


GA4 is the most recent update of Google Analytics. The original tool was launched in 2019 to aid with measuring the constantly fluctuating performance of marketing strategies that drive business growth by analyzing audience behaviour.



The difference between GA4 and GA3, its predecessor, lies in the model. GA4 makes use of event-based model to collect data and set digital marketing metrics.


Getting familiar with Google Analytics 4 is crucial for your business because GA3 will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023.


And as always, being the early bird has its perks. Work with GA4 as early as you can – GA3 will stop processing new hits come July 1, 2023. If you’re still not on the wagon, Universal Analytics 360 users will get a 3-month extension before October 1, 2023.


One of the avant-garde features of GA4 is cookieless tracking.


Gone are the days of annoying cookies. Instead, GA4 measures interactions like clicks, conversions, and page loads, reporting them as events.


Better yet, GA4 is more compliant with privacy laws like European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GA4:

  • Has data deletion system;
  • Uses a 2-month data retention period by default;
  • No users’ IP addresses are stored in its


This means that this model does not report metrics or gather data at the expense of the customer’s security. A big hurray for data protection.


With cross-platform data measurement, GA4 also boasts of flexibility in gathering various data metrics. It ensures changes in customer preferences and market strategies are processed real-time.


Audience interactions in the website and application can also be viewed in a unified dashboard. Now it’s easier to extract insights and make better data-driven decisions.


You can also stay on top of system changes with GA4 AI. GA4 uses Google’s machine learning technology to predict and indicate insights from user behavior and conversions you may miss.


With this ever-learning machine feature, it’ll be easier to gather new audiences that are more likely to become paying customers. Plus, it generates recommendations and vital insights that you can base your future improvements upon.


To enjoy all this features, don’t wait for Universal Analytics to go oline, and make the switch right away. Otherwise, you might just find all your historical data down the drain.



Setting Up Google Analytics 4


Pick from these to set up GA4 as an editor or administrator.


1.       Set Google Analytics 4 Data Collection for the First Time


Follow this if you’re an Analytics newbie, Use this to collect data for your website and/or app. Bonus: You can add in a data stream and your Google Analytics code.


Start by creating an Analytics account. For more information, visit Google Analytics Help.


Better yet, if you’re in the Derry or Donegal area, drop by our website at so we can help you out.


If you already have this, jump right into creating a new GA4 property.


  1. If you already have an account, click Create Property from the Admin If you are continuing from creating a new account, enter your desired property name and select your reporting time zone and currency. You can edit these details later from the Admin page.
  2. Click Next to select your
  3. Click Create and accept the Analytics Terms of Service and the Data Processing Then, you can choose a platform to start collecting data.


2.          Add Google Analytics 4 to a Site With Universal Analytics


If you have an existing Universal Analytics property, use a GA4 Setup Assistant to set up a Google Analytics 4 property to continuously collect data.


Have access with both the Property selector in the Admin area. But before proceeding further, make sure you have the Editor role.




3.          Add Google Analytics 4 to a Website Builder Platform or Content Management System (CMS)


Use this method if you created your website using a Content Management System like GoDaddy, HubSpot, and WordPress. For a more in-depth discussion, check out: Google Analytics 4 for a CMS-hosted website.


If you’re still scratching your head over how set up GA4 for your digital marketing needs, Spence Digital Agency’s roster of experts are just one click away.



GA3 (Universal Analytics) vs Google Analytics 4


The most pronounced difference between GA4 and the past Universal Analytics is the property types they track. GA4 can track website and application analytics as events while the latter can only track website analytics as sessions


Understand more about GA4 analytics and how it is set apart from its predecessor with: Explore GA4: Advanced Web Tracking & Analytics.




Experience Great Content with GA4


Google Analytics 4 is paving the way to drastically improve your customer journey. Providing vital insights through website and application tracking, GA4 is the best tool to make your digital marketing strategy a success.


With GA4, streamline any digital marketing strategy. Assess crucial areas in your digital marketing strategy that can spell success or failure so you can make plans more efficient and achieve your goals faster.


Achieve that growth this 2023! Don’t get left behind!!


As the leading digital marketing agency, serving successful businesses all over Donegal, Derry and all across Ireland, Spence Digital Agency can provide you with solid plans to take your strategies to the next level. We have an array of packages that will suite your every need. Hit that yellow chat icon to explore your options with us.


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