The A-game: Tips to Ace your Mobile Video Ads

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Big players in the eCommerce world keep their winning streak by playing mobile video Ads. So, if you  are a rookie looking to compete in the digital arena, keep reading… 

Phones are no longer just for calls and texts. The era of the mobile revolution is gaining traction at a  steady pace and is showing no signs of stopping. Over the past decade, smartphones have been upping  their game and are now offering features like trackers, HD cameras, social media, and the like. As such,  more and more people are getting glued to their mobile devices. The audience is shifting their attention  from the silver screen and regular TVs to smartphones and tablets. All those things make marketing  online easier than ever. To keep up, marketers are making the switch to social media. Now you can reach  your market with the tip of your fingers, quite literally. 

Before you get revved up, let us talk about how mobile advertising really works and why you should team  up with Spence Digital, the best digital agency in Donegal, to make your Facebook Ads come to life. 

Any online ad that has a video component is a video ad. While it still shares components with traditional  media advertisements, online video ads can be wedged in between a video roll, before a clip plays (pre roll), or after the video is completed (post-roll). Unlike traditional ads, mobile video ads can be embedded  media and are playable even on non-video pages. 

There is a variety of ways to set up online video ads. Clips can be displayed in-stream along with other  videos. You can also opt for the out-of-stream option that is usually seen on non-video content pages like  blogs and websites. 

What makes digital video advertising champion over traditional media ads? 

Debates on traditional media ads and mobile video ads ultimately rest on both formats selling a product or  service. Others would even say that, regardless of the type, traditional advertising inside of a stream could  be considered a video ad. However, mobile video ads tend to focus on ads that are videos rather than ads  in videos. Let me clarify. Take a look at Facebook ads. When you see them, you don’t get bored like the  usual 15-second TV commercials you grew up with as a kid. Facebook ads don’t feel like ads at all but are  part of the Facebook experience.  

Sounds interesting? If you are around the Donegal area and are looking for the best online advertising  partner, Spence Digital Agency got you covered. Together we can: 

1. Make use of local SEOs. Take advantage of geo-location when targeting your audience. Thanks  to geolocation, mobile advertising is becoming more accurate. When users check-in, you can use  this information to pick out videos based on their current location. It also gives you a better  insight into who your audiences are to improve your ads. 

2. Get better engagement through Facebook ads. Facebook’s influence spans the world over.  Make this work for you by setting up mobile video ads on the social media site. How many times  have we found ourselves mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and suddenly making a purchase because the video ad looked so enticing? The answer, a lot. Create traffic by funneling Facebook  users through mobile ads into your website. Remember, it’s not clickbait. It’s smart advertising.  Quickly capture attention by placing the most riveting part at the very start of your video. This  grabs interest and creates curiosity. The best time? The first three seconds. Use this time to  introduce your brand and establish brand identity.  

3. Ride the viral phenomena. One of the best of Facebook is how you can share almost anything.  The same goes for Facebook ads. How a mobile ad is laid out makes it easier to share and go  viral. This gets you the boost you need for your ads. What’s more, it also increases your exposure  and provides you with better value for every dollar spent. Maximize the mobile experience by  choosing the vertical or square aspect ratio for your Facebook ads. The 4:5 vertical video ads also  work on other mobile video ads for various social media sites like Instagram, Tiktok, and the like. You may also crop videos for each ad placement. 

4. Mobile videos finish first. It’s because they’re short. But also, because they’re short, your  audience is more eager to watch them through the end. Keep your video lengths to 15 seconds or  shorter. This timeframe makes your audience more likely to finish watching the video. Added  perks, 15-second mobile video ads or less are also Video ads that are 15 seconds or less are also  suitable to use for Instagram Stories and Facebook in-stream placements. If you already have a  video ad that you wanted to use, but is longer, simply trim it down. Ideally, it is recommended  that videos are kept short but stunning (KISS). However, you can still present longer video ads of  up to 120 seconds in Instagram Feed and Audience Network placements. While Facebook Feed,  Marketplace, and Messenger Home allow mobile ads of up to 240 minutes of playtime. 

*Pro-tip: Some people prefer to watch clips with the sound off, most especially in public places.  Make that an option for your Facebook ads, or any other mobile ads, to make them more  viewable. Put in texts and graphics, or better yet, captions. 

In-app video advertising is an efficient strategy to create engagement. You get to achieve engagement  while providing your audience with a positive user experience. It has been proven to be effective and is  now one of the best mobile marketing tactics to hit the home run in digital marketing. 

If you want some of that action in the digital arena, Spence Digital Agency is your best bet. We’ll help  you layout your game plan. With the best digital agency in Donegal, your Facebook ads will surely stand  out. We make sure that your vision is translated into virtual reality that will best serve your enterprise and  your audience. 




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