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Imagine holding the key to your newly-built house. You could still feel the cold touch of the beautiful steel
knob on the front door. You open it, and a waft of fresh paint tickles your nostrils. You take in the visuals of
your dreams come to life. Oh, what wouldn’t you do to keep it as good as the day you got it?

When building your own home, you make sure you use only the best materials and trust the best
manpower to lay it out for you. You invest in time, money, and effort to ensure that your house is
fantastically built – looks good, is stable, and will stand the test of time. The house you build and maintain
will say a lot about your character as a homeowner.

But even the best-built homes need regular upkeeps every now and then, and so should your website.
Here at Spence Digital Agency, we believe in holistic service. We will work with you from the ground up and
will stay with you for as long as you need us. We offer flexible care plans that are customizable to your
budget, needs, and goals.

The “Set and Forget” Routine does not Work on Websites

Monthly maintenance is necessary to keep websites running smoothly. Failing to regularly monitor your
website means you may overlook potential issues, experience downtime, or even get hacked without a
backup plan. If your audience experiences any issues with your site, it might become a bad experience,
prompting them to hit exit and bring their business elsewhere. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

Now, let’s talk about what our care plans have in store for you:


As technology becomes more advanced, so are the hackers that want to take advantage of it. And
while we, at Spence Digital Agency, spare no expense in making sure that we set up the best website for
you, it is still best to have preventive measures. Website checks are done every month allows us to
discover vulnerabilities that can otherwise be exploited by hackers. We can keep your software updated
with the latest patches and security releases. In the unlikely event that your website does get hacked
despite all of our preventive measures, care plans are always a good backup plan. There’s no set rule on
how you can avoid viruses and hacker


Regular backups are necessary for all websites. It ensures that sites can be rebuilt or reinstated in case of
hacking incidents, or other issues. We will take care of removing the virus, website cleanup, and data
restoration. In essence, these two are the most necessary factors in your website that need backing up:
☑️ Codes should be backed up anytime you change or make an update, as well as any time your
Content Management System (CMS – like WordPress) releases a new update.
☑️You should backup your content every quarterly, at the least. Though with Spence Digital, we can
do it more frequently


Fast, well-maintained, and error-free sites are preferred by search engines. Most importantly, websites with
regularly refreshed content are bumped to the top. Therefore, regular updates to your website give search
engines new material with which to rank your site. With that said, it is a must to constantly update your
website with material that will make your site easily accessible to your audience.

New Features

A fresher, more updated website that boasts better and newer features attracts more traffic. For example,
a website that ensures online security for its customers will definitely rake in interest and
engagement. Investing in an SSL certificate that will encrypt communications to assure customers their
personal details are safe is one way to do it. With the constant advancement in technology, websites
should be able to keep up. Website maintenance gives your business online visibility that will endure new
changes in the web.

Great User Experience

The website you set up is a reflection of your corporate image. So as the face of your company, it is
important to get a good first impression from your clients. Our routine checks on the visuals and feel of
your website will allow for updates that will match your goals, as well as the demands of the client and the
online platform. We will take care of:
☑️ Grammar and spelling mistakes. These are superficial but are important if you would like your
website to appear smart and well-thought of.
☑️ Page speed and broken links. We can take care of excessive site downtime, slow-loading pages,
and broken links through regular website maintenance.
☑️ Page not found errors (404 errors). This error happens when a browser or search engine goes
looking for a page but is unable to find it. This can be quite frustrating for a client. This will never
happen with Spence Digital Agency’s website maintenance plan.

The Maintenance Workflow

Spence Digital Agency offers WordPress support and flexible care plans for all your website maintenance
needs. We take note of all the plugins that get updated and the version numbers. So in case something
comes up, we can revert your site to its previous state, pronto. Then, we resolve the issue at the root
cause and perform all necessary updates. Soon, your website is up and running – it’s like nothing ever

“Do It Yourself” Maintenance and its Dangers

Well, there is no doubt that you can do plugin updates by yourself. The thing is, though, there isn’t usually a
record of the changes that took place. This becomes a problem if another issue pops up a few weeks later,
as there is a small chance to pinpoint the issue because there’s no record. A costly mistake because you’ll
need to hire someone to fix a could-have-been preventable mess.

Maintain and Save

That being said, it is best to leave website maintenance to the experts. Inexperience and neglect may place
you in a position where you can’t even make edits to your website anymore. A downtime may make you
lose customers. And although you can always hire professionals to fix it for you, it may cost you more
considering the time crunch and the damage control needed to fix your site. Again, website maintenance is
an investment. You get protection, support, peace of mind, and you get to save big bucks in the long run.

Leave it to the Pros

Houses are investments. And so is a website. Much like building a house, it also takes time, money, and
effort to get the website that will best represent you and your company. It pays to look for the best partners
to build it with. As digital architects, Spence Digital Agency can help you set up your best website yet. We
will make sure that your business sits right at home, smack center in the online ecosystem, so you can
maximize website traffic to your advantage.

So, if you’d like the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained online home for your business, aka
your website, we can help protect your investment. Software, no matter how well-made, still needs to be
updated. That includes the software used for your website. And software that is not regularly maintained is
more prone to lags and even hacks. While there’s no sure-fire way to avoid site hacking, prevention, and
maintenance significantly lower the odds of occurrence. With Spence Digital Agency, regular site
monitoring will be a breeze. We will make sure software and security plugins are always updated, malwares
are swiftly detected and resolved, among other things. Your investment is safe with us.

Read more on our Careplan packages here.




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