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The Brief

Atlanfish, a new online seafood retailer based in County Donegal, Ireland, launched their website to establish a strong digital presence. Their goal is to leverage the internet to reach a wider audience throughout Ireland, attract new customers, and become a trusted supplier of high-quality, fresh seafood.

The Approach

The design team prioritised creating a user-friendly and informative website. The website should effectively communicate the value proposition of Atlanfish, emphasising the freshness, quality, and variety of their seafood offerings.

Content Focused on Customer Experience
The website content would be crafted to provide a seamless customer experience. This could include:

  • Shoppable Product Listings: A user-friendly online shop allowing customers to browse, select, and purchase fresh seafood directly from Atlanfish.
  • Detailed Product Descriptions: Informative descriptions for each seafood item, including details about species, origin, freshness guarantee, and potential serving suggestions.
  • High-Quality Food Photography: Enticing visuals showcasing the vibrant colours and freshness of the seafood products.
  • Delivery Information: Clear information about delivery areas, costs, and estimated delivery times. Building Trust and Transparency

To build trust with potential customers, the website could incorporate elements like:

  • Sustainability Commitment: A dedicated section outlining Atlanfish's commitment to sustainable fishing practices and responsible sourcing.
  • Traceability: Information about how customers can trace the origin of their seafood purchases.
  • Recipes and Cooking Tips: A recipe section offering tips and inspiration for preparing delicious seafood dishes. Engaging Content and Community Building

To keep customers engaged and build a community, Atlanfish could consider adding features like:

  • Blog: Regular blog posts featuring seafood news, recipes, and insights into the world of fresh fish.
  • Social Media Integration: Links to their social media accounts where customers can see more visuals, engage with the brand, and share their experiences.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: A system allowing satisfied customers to leave reviews and ratings, fostering trust and credibility.

The Result

The Atlanfish website would evolve beyond a simple informational portal, transforming into a comprehensive online seafood marketplace. The focus on an intuitive shopping experience, high-quality visuals, and informative content would position Atlanfish as a reliable and trustworthy source for fresh seafood in Ireland. This would lead to increased online sales, brand awareness, and a loyal customer base.

What the Client Said

"Aidan and team were a pleasure to work with throughout our entire website design process. Their professionalism was evident from start to finish, consistently delivering efficient and thorough responses to our requests. We would highly recommend Aidan's services, especially for small businesses who are looking for a hands-on, personable service provider to guide them through their website journey."

- Atlanfish


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