Publisher And Distributor

Outside The Box Learning Resources

Project Overview

Outside The Box Learning Resources is a distributor and publisher of training materials, assessments, therapy resources, and CPD materials for education and healthcare professionals in addition to careers and parents and all those who wish to improve the lives of others.

User Friendly

We build a user friendly website for users to easily navigate the website, order and checkout with ease.


We build a responsive website to match and look better in different devices such as desktop, ipad and mobile phones.


We build a payment secure website via SSL. This makes every transaction protected and this also build users trust.

Our Solution

Outside The Box Learning Resources first engaged with Spence Digital with the purpose of building their website with an online store. We set up features so that schools can easily order education materials, and we also ensured the website linked in with all their online programmes. Spence Digital created a feature so that customers can preview and purchase digital books from Outside The Box Learning Resources as well. We also set up a pre-order feature. The website features thousands of products and is considered a valuable resource by schools and educators in Ireland and the UK. We delivered a website that brought increased online sales and ensured it was accessible, responsive for all devices, and secure.

Our Client: Outside The Box Learning Resources

Services: Web Design And Development

Client Website:

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