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Fanad Lighthouse

Project Overview

Fanad Lighthouse is a not-for-profit social enterprise maintained by the Forbairt Fhánada Teoranta, a volunteer local group. It is the main visitor destination on the Fanad Peninsula, an area of remarkable natural beauty with quiet sandy beaches, hiking and hillwalking, kayaking, golfing and angling.

User Friendly

We build a user friendly website for users to easily navigate the website, order and checkout with ease.


We build a responsive website to match and look better in different devices such as desktop, ipad and mobile phones.


We build a payment secure website via SSL. This makes every transaction protected and this also build users trust.

Our Solution

Spence Digital built a website for Fanad Lighthouse seven years ago, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Fanad Lighthouse engaged with us to launch a new website. The new website featured an entire online store, a ticket booking system to allow people to book tours and accommodation; it also features several different language options to accommodate English, Irish, and German visitors. Being one of the biggest tourist attractions in Donegal, it was crucial to ensure sustainable growth of the business during the pandemic, which greatly affected the tourism industry. Spence Digital worked with the team, got photography done, and the website achieved excellent results – enabling people to book tours and accommodation safely. We added a system so that people could safely book during the current climate in bubbles.

Our Client: Fanad Lighthouse

Services: Web Design And Development

Client Website:

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