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Market Town


Project Overview

Market Town has been running reader offers with a majority of the Irish national newspapers since 2003. They pride themselves on their ability to provide readers with innovative, interesting, and practical products at prices that always represent good value for money.

User Friendly

We build a user friendly website for users to easily navigate the website, order and checkout with ease.


We build a responsive website to match and look better in different devices such as desktop, ipad and mobile phones.


We build a payment secure website via SSL. This makes every transaction protected and this also build users trust.

Our Solution

Market Town first engaged with Spence Digital seven years ago, intending to create a multi-site to cater to their multiple stores across Ireland. We built their website, ensured it was fully optimised for SEO, and Spence Digital manages Market Town’s marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns have delivered excellent results, including increased online revenue and footfall in their physical stores. Spence Digital also executes all of Market Town’s online advertising, which has resulted in excellent ROI. We deliver them a website that is easy for users to navigate, responsive for all devices, and secure.


Our Client: Market Town

Services: Web Design And Development

Client Website:

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