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Our Local Business Booster is here to ramp up your Local SEO

As a small business owner, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your business. From setting up the best websites to using Local SEOs, you always want to be ahead of the competition. And yet, somehow, it is not panning out the way you envisioned it to be.

So, what’s dulling your shine? If one or more of the questions below always cross your mind, your website might have crappy Local SEO:

  • Why is my website not showing up on search engines?
  • How do my competitors manage to have more online visibility?
  • Why am I not getting a lot of local business?
  • What should I do to bring more traffic to my website?
  • How come my conversation rates are not improving?

The answer to your questions? Spence Digital Agency’s LOCAL BUSINESS BOOSTER. Let’s start.

What is a Local Business Booster?

Buying local is the emerging trend these days. More and more consumers are realizing the importance of local enterprise. Despite that, your business might not be able to maximize this trend if your Local SEO is not up to par. You and your business might be missing out a lot if your potential customers do not even know you exist.

Let’s change that.

Digital visibility is your best bet when it comes to competing in the online arena. Your Local SEO should be able to set you up to appear on top of search engine lists whenever a related search is done. More than that, it generates more leads for your enterprise. With Spence Digital Agency, we also offer Local Business Boosters, so your Local SEO keeps doing what it does best - keep you visible and relatable.

Local Business Booster: What’s in it for you?

Spence Digital Agency is on a mission to provide you with the best knowledge to survive and thrive in the online world. Step by step, we will build your business up to establish your presence in the local business scene.

With our Local Business Booster, you are entitled to:

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    3 in-depth strategy sessions with our crew of experts to establish expectations from both sides. We believe connection and communication are key factors in a successful partnership

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    A thorough online business evaluation to get a better grasp of what’s in store for us

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    All-inclusive keyword research and competitor analysis to gauge the competition

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    Google ranking reports that pinpoint your rank on a local area map. It also shows your online visibility to potential customers

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    Google My Business Optimisation, inclusive of, but not limited to, creating and publishing Google Posts

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    Local service area landing pages that expand your reach to a wider audience -- written by our meticulous copywriters just for you

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    A well-composed Citation Campaign that allows Google to have precise business information throughout local directory listings

  • Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

    A program with 90 Day Cycles that runs for as long as necessary to achieve your goal

Now that we have given you a sneak peek of what we can offer once you partner with Spence Digital Agency, it’s time for you to take action. Sign up for our Local Business Booster today!


All this techie-talk can sometimes be overwhelming; we get that... A lot.

But hear us out. We are the best digital agency in Donegal for a reason. That includes making sure that our partners get honest-to-good advice and service. No short-cuts.

So, we have rounded up a list of frequently asked questions with answers that are sure to satisfy even the most meticulous critics.

Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency
Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it enhances your online visibility. It facilitates traffic from search engines like Google, to a website.

A website’s technical configuration, link popularity, and content relevance are optimized so they become easier to search, thus making it rank higher in search engines. The higher your rank in search engines, the better traffic your website will have, and in turn, has better potential for sales.

Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

Is SEO the same as paid Google Ads?

Not at all. PPC or pay-per-click ads appear at the top of search results because their owners spent good money to make that happen. SEO on the other hand uses algorithms to determine answers for search engine queries.

On another note, if you're looking to ace your mobile video ads, check out our article here. You might just learn a tip or two.

Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

Are SEO tools expensive and hard to maintain?

Well, the quick answer is NO... especially if you have a team of experts behind you. Spence Digital Agency can make website maintenance, including SEO, as easy as a walk in the park.

Visit Set Your Website For Success With Website Maintenance for all that we can offer and more.

Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

Can you make me top Google results?

We sure would like to try! However, there is no sure-fire way to rank number one in the search results.

What we can guarantee, though, is the fact that we were able to catapult many of our past and present clients to the top of the search engine results. All the websites we have launched are equipped with technical SEO and on-site SEO. Our programmes are designed to enhance rankings with a broader range of keywords and for the long term. Just take a look at our roster of satisfied partners, you can never go wrong with the best digital agency in Donegal.

Letterkenny Web Design & Marketing Agency

How does Local SEO work?

It’s basically the same as regular SEO, except it revolves around boosting visibility for LOCAL businesses.

If you need a refresher on Local SEO basics, you can read up In The Know What Is Local SEO

Spence Digital Agency is happy to provide you with the local boost you need to rise to the top

Hit us up via email or give us a call. Either way, we’ll help you and your business shine.

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