Irish Enterprise Award 2021: Spence Digital Agency Crowned “Best Digital Marketing Agency in County Donegal!”

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We won! Aidan Spence (Spence Digital Agency) won the Irish Enterprise Award 2021 as the ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency in County Donegal! Countless sleepless nights, many challenges on the way and thousands of satisfied customers in Donegal and beyond, Aidan Spence has achieved a big milestone.

Irish Enterprise Awards running in its fourth year now, showcases exemplary Irish businesses that are thriving across Ireland. Having over 30 different categories of businesses and being awarded purely on merit, we are now officially the ‘best digital marketing agency’ of 2021 in Ireland.

From our humble beginnings in the small town of Letterkenny to achieving awards and setting examples, our journey hasn’t been easy. We had to overcome several hurdles in response to the tough competition in the region. Our client-focused approach has enabled our agency to distance itself from the crowd. We guide our clients through every step of the journey. At Spence digital agency, we regularly run discovery sessions and spent countless hours with our clients about their requirements and expectation. This ensures that the end product is above and beyond their expectations.

Our transparency of information across the board enables our clients to see at each stage how their work is progressing. This prevents any last-minute disappointments and deliver websites that are fully SEO optimized and ranks higher than the rest. Slow and steady indeed wins the race. Facing our challenges head on and adopting client focussed strategies has enabled us to climb the ranks and get this prestigious award.

This year has been quite competitive for the digital marketing agencies in Ireland. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and more and more businesses rushing to setup their online stores, the number of Irish websites flooding the internet have been phenomenal.

What made Spence Digital agency stood out from the rest of the digital agencies is when, other agencies were just taking in client after client to get their websites made on generic templates, Aidan Spence and his team, created websites that were tailored made to each of its client. This did not generated volumes of websites but ensured that each website launch was fully SEO optimized, tailored to each client’s requirements and stood out from the rest. This is what made Spence digital agency, the best digital marketing agency in Ireland.

Getting this award is a big win for Donegal based local businesses as well. This assures the local businesses in Donegal that their local digital agency is one of the best in the country. This gives the local businesses the confidence to approach us and set up their websites and take advantage of the online ecosystem.

We thank all our clients, both local and international for giving us the opportunity to work on their projects. With the passion and expertise to make and deliver excellent websites, we will continue to work hard to serve our valued clients all over the world.




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