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The sun is out and you just had a brisk morning jog through Donegal’s rugged and charming roads. You take in the fresh air and the majestic scenery. All you need now to complete the experience is a sit down at the best breakfast place in town. A quick online search comes as a pleasant surprise — the top results are not your usual international restaurants or food chains. What you see are homegrown restaurants closest to where you stand. This, right here, is local SEO at work. It is the successful local business owners’ best kept secret. You want in? Keep reading.

What does it mean? Local SEO stands for local search engine optimization. It is a subcategory of the usual SEO (search engine optimization) that revolves around boosting visibility in search engine results for local businesses. Think of it like a microscope, it brings focus on the small but important things. Results answer “near me” questions. The search engine has configured the geographic constraints of “near me” searches, therefore search results normally present items or places within the locale.

Search optimization strategies such as this allows businesses to get digital visibility. When terms related to their products or services pop up, they can expect their names to show on top of the list of local search results.

What has local SEO to offer to micro enterprises? The answer? A lot.
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This year alone, the majority of customers depend on the internet to reach businesses. Besides quality and affordability, they also look at geographical proximity. In fact, searches for local products and services make up 46% of Google searches1. This means 97 Billion local searches per month that can translate into profit.

The numbers speak for itself. With the use of smartphones on the rise, so are the benefits of local SEO. Added features such as 5G data connection, voice searches, and GPS, among other things, have made searching easier and faster than ever. In order to produce better geographically-related search results, Google based its optimization on proximity, relevance, and prominence. Based on their 2017-2019 report, there was a 900% rise in online queries related to “near me”.

Not yet convinced? Google “best place to eat at in Donegal”. As of this writing, apparently the best place to be is at a “Quaint boozer for unfussy pub grub and locally-sourced fish and seafood in an upstairs dining room” that does not even do deliveries. It is a local brick-and-mortar restaurant that serves traditional hearty meals in Donegal Town and is a hit among locals and tourists alike.

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2 Gevelber, Lisa. How “Near Me” Help Us Find What We Need, Not Just Where to Go. Think with Google, 2018.

How about searching for the best digital partner in Donegal?
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Here at Spence Digital Agency, we can help you P.R.E.P. — turn your Proximity and Relevance into Engagement and Profit. We will help put you on the map – quite literally. In addition to getting boosts in Google search engine results pages (SERPS), partnering with us opens up your small enterprise to better opportunities.

Investing in a trusted local SEO, such as Spence Digital Agency in Donegal, is a cost-effective solution. We can help you effectively manage online directories, as well as set up local business listings virtually. Our agency offers a variety of services that are tailor-fit to your business and your customers.

Once you are set, you do not have to look for customers, THEY find you. Through local SEO, your business visibility will be effective in local search results or Google Maps. This gives rise to better chances at scoring new leads for you, and your products and services. It is estimated that at least 80% of mobile phone searches end up in a sale3. Thanks to local SEO, it puts you front and center at the precise instant that searches are made, making it highly likely to end in a purchase or, at the least, an inquiry about your products and/or services.

In addition, local SEO is more efficient and effective. It can help filter out searchers who are unlikely to contact your business. This does not mean that search engines are avoiding these customers outright, only that they offer related local results based on content and proximity. In short, the nearer a searcher is to your location, the higher the visibility for your enterprise.

Sounds good, right? If your business is looking for visibility, then look no further than at Spence Digital Agency. With almost a decade of experience and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, our Donegal-based firm will help you reach places. Together, we can:

Create and Maintain a Business Profile

Setting up a Business account, for example in Google or Facebook, can directly link your business information to affiliates such as Google Maps and Google Search. What’s more, being on virtual business platforms lets you monitor reviews, create quick updates to your business hours, and most importantly, keep up with customers through Google Posts, among other features.

Generate Consistent and Accurate Local Citations

We will spare no expense in guaranteeing that all of your business information listed on the web is correct and has a consistent format throughout. Ensuring that what is listed as your business information in local citations is true and correct improves the chances of search engines trusting your data.

3 Lee, Jessica. 80% of Local Searches on Mobile Phones Convert. Search Engine Watch, 2014.

Be Present in Online Local Directories

Creating local business listings in established online business directories and well-known search engines such as Bing Places, Yelp, Facebook and Google My Business can make it easier for your business to be verified. The key here is to keep your data accurate and consistent, with which Spence Digital can greatly help.

Establish Your Website and Add Hyperlocal Content

With Spence Digital, websites are built together with your business. Our client-focused approach ensures that your website is maximized to your business’ best potential. This allows the delivery of websites that are fully SEO-optimized. To add to that, we can make use of business identifiers like, for example: “best digital agency in Donegal” embedded into your website content to aid search engines streamline your business information. It allows for search engines’ enhanced understanding of your enterprise, as well as the locale you serve. If you’re ready to take your small business to the next level, why not do it with us? At Spence Digital Agency, you can go global by starting local. Start your journey into the online ecosystem with us and make your virtual presence more prominent. Explore local SEO with us! Take a sneak peek of what’s in store for you and your business at and let’s get P.R.E.P.-ed!

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Blaithin Gildea
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Conor Holmes
I couldn't recommend Aidan and his team highly enough. Their professionalism and flexibility means we get a sevice that is second to none. Our two websites consistently evolve bringing enhanced customer experiences to our clients and growing sales to us year on year. Nothing is ever too much to ask of them and nothing is ever beyond them and we'd know a lot about that - we've had several unusual, bespoke requirements that are specific to our business. We highly recommend.
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