How to Strike Gold with Google Ads

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Gone are the days of TV adverts that are too expensive to make. Or street flyers that take so much time to distribute. And while you spend big bucks and clock in overtime to advertise your business, there’s no guarantee they would be effective.
Let me tell you now…online advertising is the way to go. With content that is based on algorithms, it is the most effective and practical way to put your business out there.

Introducing Google Ads…

Google Ads is a type of search engine marketing. You set this up by picking out a set of keywords that is relevant to your business and worth investing in. After that, you come up with search ads that correspond to these keywords. Then you get added to the search engine results page (SERP) auction and compete with other businesses.

Also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, its selling factor lies in its unique feature: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Sounds good? Read on.

If you are looking into setting up your Google ads in the Donegal or Derry area, let Spence Digital Agency lead the way. Together we’ll explore Google Ads and show you why it is a great investment.

4 Reasons Why Google Ads is Online Gold:

1. Easy to Appraise

When it’s your investment that’s on the line, you’d need a way to track progress. Google provides great PPC metrics that come along with your Google Ads account. This lets you know which ads are effective, and which ones to toss or improve. This way, you know if you’ll know if your campaign is successful.

2. Flexible

Working on a budget? Not sure on what ads to run? No problem. Google Ads is scalable, meaning you can build up and cut back as needed. Flexibility is one major reason why it’s an effective digital marketing tool for small businesses – it grows with you. Small-scale enterprises can start with a very targeted search campaign and expand over time to include more services or products. This creates room for more campaigns as needed.

3. Reliable

While we at Spence Digital always advise on improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), setting up PPC campaigns gets you results and data faster than SEO will. You get to hit two birds with one stone. With PPC, you can do research and run tests on what will get you the most clicks. The data result can improve your search engine optimization efforts.

4. PPC Is Cost-Effective

Because Google Ads is flexible, you have control over the advertising budget. You can set a max monthly budget and it is consumable. And just like how it is named, you only pay per click.

However, you still need to guide Google to when and where you want it to be spending your budget.

Are Google Ads Effective?

Of course! It does wonders for both small and large enterprises.

Paid advertising is ideal for businesses that need better brand awareness, increase site traffic, as well bring in better sales, all while overseeing the results.

With those four factors above, it’s easy to see why setting up Google Ads is a gold mine for your online business. PPC advertisements can:

Secure Brand Name Searches in the SERP

Competition is stiff to land number one on the search engine results page (SERP). Lock in that #1 advertising spot for your brand name through Google Ads. This improves your chances of more people clicking on your website when they are looking for your brand. So, for example, you are selling the best bread in Derry, your brand should show up in Google Ads for Derry.

Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads is a great stepping stone for startup companies. It helps with your reach and improves your brand awareness to the targeted audience. Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns catapult your products and/or services straight to the people that search for what you offer.

Improve Sales

Google Ads bring engagement to your online website when your products/services are the first to show up on the searcher’s screen. Attracting the attention of potential customers puts you at a great advantage. Attraction creates engagement, and engagement can easily translate into profit. This, in turn, can positively influence your conversion rate.

What’s the Cost of Google Ads for Small Businesses?

We already know that PPC Ads are a great investment. But how much investment are we talking about?
Well, it depends.

Google Ads works with daily budgets that are billed monthly. For example, your monthly working budget is $500, so divide $500 by 30.4 days/month. That brings your total daily budget to $16.45. Google is aware that $16.45/day is allotted for ads, but also that your monthly allowance is $500. Google works on this knowledge. So, on some days where searches and clicks are low, it allots that extra budget for other days when clicks are high, so your monthly rate remains the same.

How to Prepare for a PPC Campaign for your Small Business

We know. We know. This whole paid ads thing can be overwhelming.

But it shouldn’t have to be. Spence Digital Agency is ready to help you with your Google Ad campaigns, whether you’re in Donegal, Derry, or any other neighboring town, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four essential things to keep in mind when thinking about a PPC campaign for your business.

1. Set a Goal

How you set up and run your campaign will greatly rely on your goal/s. Take time to think your goals through and figure out how Google Ads can best support these objectives.

2. Pinpoint Locations to Target

Who’s your target audience? Do you prefer local customers from the Donegal area? Or are you planning to expand to Derry and beyond?

What locations you are targeting will heavily depend on your budget and the area of service within your physical store’s scope. These are some of the factors you have to consider when setting up a PPC Ad campaign.

3. Choose the Best Campaign for You

Compatibility is key. Choosing the right campaign can do wonders for your business.

Search, Display, and Shopping are the usual choices. You can also choose to automate the process through smart campaigns. Each campaign type offers varying placements and advantages. Find something that is in line with your goals.

4. Prepare Your Website for Google Ads

Google Ads can greatly increase traffic to your website. Your website, however, makes or breaks the final sale. So, make sure to optimize your website and your landing pages. Not so sure? Check out to learn basic tips on how to get your website to its full potential. Better yet, visit our website at for the full information.

Do I Need Google Ads for My Company?

It’s all up to you. A digital marketing campaign is an effective tool in promoting your business, no doubt. However, it also entails a lot of effort and time on your part to set up and maintain.

So, if setting up your own Google Ads interests you but think that you don’t have the time and resources to do it correctly, Spence Digital Agency is here to help. With our wide array of services to offer, backed by a roster of seasoned experts, we can cater to all your digital growth needs.

And just like gold, your investment grows with us. Ready to invest? Schedule your free online consultation now.




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