GET, SET, GO: Local SEO trends of 2022 that YOU need to know

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What keeps a successful business on top of the game?

Simple. Innovation.

One such innovation is SEO or search engine optimization. SEOs work by amplifying visibility in search engine results. It gives your business better accessibility to the online audience.

This 2022, local searches are increasingly more focused on user experience. This means that local SEO is constantly evolving. Features such as voice searches and mobile site optimization, among others, are constantly added and upgraded to improve customer experience.

Are you ready to join the game and stay ahead of the competition?

If you are looking to partner up for your local SEO in Donegal, Spence Digital Agency is here with a game plan.

Invest in User Experience

User experience impacts your online presence. Back in May 2020, Google declared that UX (user experience) signals would be factored into their rankings.
Things like page loading time, ease of access, design, and content quality, plus the overall experience of navigation on both mobile and desktop platforms are factored in. These elements greatly influence hierarchy results in search engine pages.

If you’re curious, explore tools such as Google Search Console. Inside you will find a section called Core Web Vitals. It can show information on how well your UX is, based on Google’s standards.

If you want your UX improved, ditch the usual pop-up ads and banner ads on websites. Most users just get annoyed with them. Instead, focus on making the user experience as smooth as possible. That means you need to load fast and smoothly on smartphones, both iOS, and Android, as well as desktop computers and tablets. If you are not sure as to how this works or how to proceed, Spence Digital Agency can help. We can set up your local SEO in Donegal, and any other online marketing needs.

Go Big on Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is booming.

Google is putting the focus on search intent and for good reason. Keywords are no longer the main basis in producing search results. When someone types “best digital agency,” the search engine knows that the user is most likely referring to “best digital agency” … closest in the area. It knows what a user is looking for.

That is why local SEO is particularly important. Google’s location-based data will be used to show the best digital partner within that user’s local area.

So how do you make your listings top the search results? First things first – you need to set up a business profile. Fill in your business details completely. Make regular updates and post fresh content every two weeks to keep your listings relevant. Updating with a fresh post every two weeks will help keep your listing relevant and allow you to add more local keywords to your account. Heightened engagement ensures Google is more to notice, and that means a higher ranking for your listings.

The Lowdown on Zero Click Results

Search results don’t always end up in engagement. Users often don’t click the links directing to a business website. To avoid getting a dead-end, always update your content and business information on the Google My Business page and Google Maps. A fresh profile keeps your website relevant and accessible to current and future customers.

Aside from updates, quality content is also crucial. Give your audience something to digest by providing rich content that they usually cannot read on the results page.

Lastly, pool in keywords that attract the crowd and pull in engagement for your website.

Go Mobile, or Go Home

Most consumers are also avid mobile users. With the prevalence of the “on-the-go” lifestyle, they prefer to make purchases with the touch of a button, or more appropriately, a tap on a mobile screen. Research states that 52.2% of website traffic is made through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Statistic figures do not lie. To add to that, Google now has mobile-first indexing. With user experience being a priority, Google reviews new websites based on their mobile design first instead of their desktop design. Making it all the more necessary to make sure your website is mobile-user-friendly.

This means they want to see easy-to-navigate mobile designs that load quickly.

Consumers are looking for an easy-to-navigate mobile interface that loads quickly and runs smoothly. This includes visuals, texts, links, and the overall feel of the website.

Your Website at Face Value
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Just because there’s a growing trend of zero-click results does not mean that your business website doesn’t matter. In fact, this is a growing way that consumers build trust with businesses.

Now that we have figured out how to put your listings on top of search results, it is time to work on the website.
Business websites serve as a hub of information for your business. Vital information like your business location, hours, and contact details should be on your website.

More importantly, it is the face of your company. How your website appears and performs translates into how your consumers will perceive you and your company. Again, this relates to creating a strong user experience. The appeal your website exudes amps up UX, which in turn, amps up your rankings.
With Spence Digital Agency, we will take care of your local SEO in Donegal and beyond, as well as provide other tailor-fit services to fit your needs.

Vivid Visuals
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Your audience is more likely to click on video content. Providing visuals such as video clips presents products, services, and businesses as something more real versus just reading about it. The appeal of seeing a product or service in action can build trust among your consumers. This means that a customer is more likely to buy your products if you have convincing and well-made visual content on your website.

Something Good to Read

The best pairing to stunning visuals is rich content. Back up your videos with meaningful content that will satisfy their need for information. Always be on the lookout for what your customers want and make sure that is what they read on your website. Keep it fresh, engaging, and easy to follow.

Search Intent is the Key
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Google results are now customized according to search intent.

If you want your local business to rank, you need content that meets their search intent. Figure out your niche and develop a story that goes with your business.

This makes it easy for you to predict your users’ search intent.

Setting up the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is also a sure-fire way to target more local searches. Keep it simple and casual to entice your users into using it more.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Brand engagement is all the rage these days. It can catapult your business to new heights, or it can reduce it to ruins.

For this reason, online mentions of your business are essential for your search rankings. There are a few factors that play a vital role in maintaining a positive online reputation. By linking out to your reviews on sites like Yelp and Facebook, you link your website to those reviews, making the connection for Google.

Providing good customer service through appropriate responses to reviews enhances engagement. This also gives Google a glimpse of how your company handles customer complaints.

Google rewards businesses that “listen” and take care of their consumers. If you want better online visibility, this is a good place to start.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

2022 is the year of innovation. In the online arena, you win when you are seen.

Spence Digital Agency provides the best local SEO service in Donegal for a reason — we bring in the whole package. Together, we can build a state-of-the-art website with all the features necessary to heighten user experience and more.

Our game plan: Bring you and your business to the top. We’ll layout the foundations to ensure that your ecommerce platform takes center stage. Rise through the rankings and conquer the competition with innovation, only with Spence Digital Agency.

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Blaithin Gildea
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