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The Green Graveyard Company was formed in 2009 to develop Natural Graveyards in Ireland. It was established by Colin Mc Ateer who has extensive knowledge of the funeral industry. The idea was simply to offer a service where people could be buried under a tree.

Colin is also the driving force behind who are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Green (Eco) coffins in Ireland.

Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground was opened in 2010 and was developed in partnership with the the FitzHerbert family, and is managed by a local team lead by Niall Deacon who is ably assisted by John O Connor.

We believe that more Natural Burial Grounds should exist in Ireland. We hope to open more in the coming years. If you are a landowner who is interested in selling land for this purpose or are interested in exploring this option on your land please feel to contact us.

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