Flyer: Shag a Ginger Night

About The Client

About this projct

So it’s October 2015 and I am in the thick of the beginning of the student Year working with my Client Mark Crossan who owns a nightclub called Pulse Venue. I have worked with them for years doing all their marketing / graphic design and even coming up with mad theme nights for the students.

This theme night started as a joke in the office and ended making international newspapers in Ireland, the Uk and even Germany! It even made it onto the popular UK Chat Show Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

The theme night was called “shag a ginger night”, a bit tongue in cheek, but sure what’s me all over! So even though it started out as another theme night, that we weren’t sure how it would do, how it  comes to make headlines was not totally by  chance.

So after the initial launch on the Pulse’s student page 40 mins went by and there was over 500 comments of people tagging their mates. I knew it have huge viral potential then so I used one of my  contacts in the popular website and sent them the link.

2 hours later my phone lit up, it was going viral on Facebook and other social media pages were picking it up. I then heard from someone on the Alan Carr show who wanted to use it on their show. it caused huge controvery in the media and made for a packed out venue.

My Job was done….and I got a great laugh while doing it!

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