All Geared Up: Google My Business is now Google Business Profile, Boasts Better and Broader Features

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Google Business Profile is now an umbrella term for services once known as Google Places for Business, Google Listings, and Google+ Business Pages.

Google Business Profile is the new name for Google My Business. It is part of the move to bring better features to users. The effort involves taking the business profile management out of the Google My Business app and connecting it straight to Google Maps and Google Search. Through Google Business Profile, your virtual presence is boosted as you are given the power to better connect with your audience. You can respond to reviews and update business details like address, phone number, and operating hours anytime. If you are a business owner in Donegal, or neighboring areas, and are looking to make the most of this sweet deal, Spence Digital Agency is your best bet. Want to know more? Keep reading.

What’s behind the rebrand? From now on, Google My Business will be known as Google Business Profile. According to Google’s official statement, the new name is aimed at “keeping things simple”. By 2022, the Google My Business app will be dropped completely. This time, managing your business online is better streamlined.

The evolution of the name. Technology is always improving, and so are virtual business services. Today, it is now called Google Business Profile. Before the current change it was Google My Business, and a time before that, it was Google Places. And prior to all of that, it was just Google Local, then Google+ Local. Keeping up yet? It is obvious that the local business management product has gone through several names, it is so hard to keep track. Amidst all these, however, the most important thing is that these changes happened to improve the experience with your online business ventures.

Google My Business is gone for good. Is there really no way to continue using Google My Business? The thing is, Google wants business owners to have a better and faster experience with this business managing service. The tech giant has been pushing for businesses with single listings to manage it straight on Google Maps or Google Search. This can be done through either mobile apps or the traditional web interface. Google allows enterprises to run their individual
listings right inside Google Maps for quite a while now. In addition, businesses that manage their single listing directly in Google Search or Maps are preferred by Google. These enterprises are encouraged to leave the old Google My Business console and switch to Google Business Profile.
Google has mentioned that the current Google My Business web service will shift its focus onto assisting bigger enterprises that hold several locations. As such, this service will now be called “Business Profile Manager”. As of now, Google is in the process of revamping the Google My Business web interface. If you try typing in, you will be redirected to
For those of you who run many locations for your business, or are a local SEO that heads multiple enterprises or both, the current interface for Google My Business will still be in service for you. But this time, it is rebranded as Business Profile Manager moving forward. There will be slight changes in the services, of course. But nothing Spence Digital Agency, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Donegal, can’t help you with.

Updated features. Along with rebranding and revamping the web interface, Google added awesome features to Google Business Profile. These new features consist of the following:
 You can claim and verify your business profile by simply going into either Google Search or Google Maps. No more complicated links for you!
 It’s now easier to get in touch with your customers as the chat option for your Google Business Profile is now in operation. Customers can message you in real-time, so you can answer questions as fast as you can while building real connections with your audience.
 Keeping tabs of customer phone calls on Google Search and Map is also available. This means you can return missed calls and keep your customers engaged and updated. No missed opportunities here!

Let’s start managing your business. To start, you can either key in your business name in Google Search or Google Maps. Alternatively, you can also search “my business” to monitor enterprises you have already claimed and verified.
Make preparations with your Performance Planner. In addition to the features mentioned above, Google Ads also allows you to prepare a local campaign budget by simply using the Performance Planner. This great tool enables you to make plans for advertising allowance and lets you check how alterations on your campaigns can impact key metrics and the whole performance. Performance Planner gives you the power to forecast campaign outcomes and explore results by tweaking campaign settings. Plus, you can better recognize opportunity windows during seasonal periods all while letting you manage your finances across multiple campaigns and accounts.

Take a look. Below are screen-captured images of how the web interface and mobile app interface should look like:

Messaging through Google Search:

Messaging through Google Search:
Call History

Read Receipts

We’d like to help. Change is constant. And usually, it’s good because it means improvement. However, change can sometimes be hard and confusing, too. Lucky for you, reaching the best digital marketing agency in Donegal is just at the tip of your fingertips. We will help you navigate through the changes. With Spence Digital, we’ll help you set up your Google Business Profile. Our team of experts will be ready to support you every step of the way. From information updates, feature use, Local SEO setup, and more, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Donegal will deliver results, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
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