5 Reasons to Keep your WordPress Site Up to Date

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) today, powering thousands of websites around the world. In fact, most website designers, including most web design companies in Donegal and the world use WordPress to set up their clients’ website. However, maintaining such a popular and important CMS requires the installation of regular updates sent by the WordPress team. One reason why such updates are important for your WordPress site is that it ensures the proper and effective running of the system, to serve you better.

Top 5 Reasons to Ensure Your WordPress Site is Up-To-Date

When your WordPress website is kept up-to-date, it is safe from vulnerabilities, attacks, and inconveniences which can undermine visitor experience. There are various important reasons why you should keep your WordPress website updated; some of which are outlined below.

  1. Discourage Hackers

The number of website hackers looking for weaknesses in sites, which they can use to gain access, is continually on the rise. If a hacker gains access to your website, s/he can hijack your servers, deface your brand, steal your private information and cause serious harm to you. Therefore, to prevent these notorious hackers from doing any of these, it is necessary to update your site every time you receive an update from the developers, to make your site more secure.


  1. Ensure Smoother Running

Over time, your WordPress site, which was expertly built by a Aidan Spence Web design company in Letterkenny or anywhere in the world, might begin to experience glitches and difficulties which can discourage your visitors from exploring your website. While the occurrence of these glitches is largely unknown, you can prevent your site from ever experiencing them by updating it regularly. Updates come with coding changes, widgets, and plug-ins which can guarantee the smooth and effective running of your site.


  1. Improve Your Site’s Aesthetics

An up-to-date WordPress website can greatly improve the aesthetics of your site, which can attract new visitors to it. Also, when you maintain an up-to-date WordPress website, you are helping your users/customers enjoy a more attractive and user-friendly experience. According to research, an attractive website can play a huge role in the overall success of your site.


  1. Provides You with New Features & Bug Fixes

Updated WordPress versions come with new & improved features and functionality, which can improve the experience of your visitors. Staying with an older version of WordPress means you do not get to enjoy the new features that come with updates. Updates also come with bug fixes, which are a fix for improper functioning of features from an older version.


  1. Treat your visitors well

Whether your WordPress website generates income or simply fuels readers’ appetite for content, you must treat your visitors well. But if you’re running an out-dated version of WordPress under your hood, your website could get “glitchy”.

Your visitors could encounter unexplained frustrations with your website. And you may never know about these problems until diminishing traffic sends up a red flag.

WordPress updates are continually solving user issues. And by keeping current, you can preempt many technical issues before they rear their ugly heads to your visitors.


When your WordPress site is kept up-to-date, you stand to enjoy these benefits and many more. However, if you are finding the update process complicated and difficult, or you can’t just remember to update your website, you should reach out to an expert web designer, such as Aidan Spence, to have it done for you professionally.

Aidan Spence provides a wide range of web design services, as well as different website care plans that take the stress or confusion out of updating your website yourself. The web care plans cover several services, including WordPress website and plugin updates, offsite backups, security monitoring, hacker security checks, and more, which help ensure the smooth running and security of your website. Check out the website care plan that suits your needs and budget today!




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