2021 Donegal Online Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to€2,500 Grant available in Donegal For Your web and e-commercedesign

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Enhance and grow your business with the help from this government scheme. Tailored specifically to help small businesses grow in Donegal for web design. This online trader voucher offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 as well as training and advice to help you establish your online business. By participating in this scheme, you would be able to do your online trader much more efficiently.

This scheme is now open for applicants. For further information, please email [email protected] or call (074) 989 0121.

This grant enables small Irish Donegal based businesses to improve their online presence. Donegal online trader vouchers up to a value of €2,500 (up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost) are now available to Donegal based businesses through the national programme, ‘Government National Digital Strategy’ that is delivered via local enterprise offices.

More and more businesses are now going online. According to a survey, it was noted that only 23% of small Irish businesses are engaged in any meaningful way in e-commerce sales. For smaller businesses employing fewer than 10 people, the percentage of online engagement is even lower. More than 70% of online purchases made in Ireland are done from overseas online stores.

It is now more than ever important for businesses to establish their online presence and utilize the domestic demand. With high demand in the Irish market and this Donegal Online Trader Voucher, this is the right time to act and take your businesses online.

Who is eligible for this voucher?

This voucher is specifically targeted towards businesses that are Donegal based and have a limited trading presence with lesser than 10 employees. To be eligible, these businesses should have a turnover of less than €2 million and the applicant must be registered and trading for at least 6 months.

Note: Businesses with charitable status, ‘not for profit’ organizations, commercial semi-state companies, trade associations and company representation bodies such as the Chamber of commerce are ineligible for this grant.

Donegal Online Trader Voucher can be used for;

These vouchers can be used for the development and enhancement of small businesses e-commerce website for implementing online payments and bookings. Other uses of this voucher include the development of a mobile app, online advertising, purchasing internet related software, consultation with ICT experts and training to establish and manage your website activity.

Donegal Online Trader Voucher cannot be used for;

  • Purchasing non-internet related software
  • Developing brochure websites
  • Anything other than e-commerce activity

If you are interested in applying or knowing more on this Donegal Online Trader Voucher, please get in touch with us today and we will facilitate you through the process.




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